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Sustainable Water Resources Management

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27-11-2018 | Original Article

A study on soil moisture model for agricultural water management under soil moisture stress conditions in Sikkim (India)

Soil moisture is a critical component of the earth system that impacts on the water, energy and bio-geochemical cycles. A soil moisture study was conducted for agricultural water management of selected crops in Sikkim (India). An effort was made …

17-11-2018 | Original Article

Macroinvertebrates as indicators of the water quality of River Shinta, Gondar, Ethiopia

River Shinta is important for agriculture and domestic activities of the surrounding people. But it is stressed with human activities. Macroinvertebrates were collected to provide a quantitative and qualitative description of the community …

14-11-2018 | Original Article

Development and performance evaluation of low-cost wastewater treatment plant

A pilot-scale wastewater treatment plant was developed for the purpose of treating wastewaters in south-western Nigeria. The plant, mounted on a roller frame was divided into three sections, viz. wastewater holder, purification chamber and treated …

13-11-2018 | Original Article

Policy options for managing the water resources in rapidly expanding cities: a system dynamics approach

Sustainable development of water resources and managing the wastewater generated in rapidly expanding cities pose a challenge for working out policy options. System dynamics approach is used to devise policy scenarios for the sustainable …

30-10-2018 | Original Article

Spatiotemporal LULC change impacts on groundwater table in Jhargram, West Bengal, India

Groundwater resources are the significant factor for maintaining life. The land use/cover (LULC) change and its effect on the groundwater table would enhanced land use and groundwater management for arid areas. This paper proposes a technique to …

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This publishes articles addressing a wide range of issues in water resources management: sustainability of water resources, ground and surface water quality and quantity, water use and reuse methods and research, geopolitical and socio-economic effects and constraints, ecological impact and human health, agricultural and climatic effects on water resources, natural and man-induced contamination of water resources, geothermal uses, water availability, surface and ground water interaction, managed aquifer recharge and storage.

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