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The VLDB Journal

The VLDB Journal 6/2021

Issue 6/2021

Table of Contents ( 7 Articles )

03-03-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 6/2021

Unsupervised and scalable subsequence anomaly detection in large data series

Paul Boniol, Michele Linardi, Federico Roncallo, Themis Palpanas, Mohammed Meftah, Emmanuel Remy

03-06-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 6/2021

In-order sliding-window aggregation in worst-case constant time

Kanat Tangwongsan, Martin Hirzel, Scott Schneider

05-06-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 6/2021 Open Access

: An efficient deep reinforcement learning-based automatic cloud database tuning system

Ji Zhang, Ke Zhou, Guoliang Li, Yu Liu, Ming Xie, Bin Cheng, Jiashu Xing

05-06-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 6/2021

ExactSim: benchmarking single-source SimRank algorithms with high-precision ground truths

Hanzhi Wang, Zhewei Wei, Yu Liu, Ye Yuan, Xiaoyong Du, Ji-Rong Wen

31-07-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 6/2021 Open Access

A dataspace-based framework for OLAP analyses in a high-variety multistore

Chiara Forresi, Enrico Gallinucci, Matteo Golfarelli, Hamdi Ben Hamadou

18-06-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 6/2021

Fast data series indexing for in-memory data

Botao Peng, Panagiota Fatourou, Themis Palpanas

28-07-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 6/2021

Algorithms for the discovery of embedded functional dependencies

Ziheng Wei, Sven Hartmann, Sebastian Link

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