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You might also be interested in

Marc Carter Joins Nutec

05-12-2023 | Ceramic Technology | Editor´s Pick | News

Marc Carter Joins Nutec

The Nutec Group has announced the appointment of Marc Carter to the position of Vice President North America, Fibers Division this October. He has joined Nutec from John Cockerill, where he was Head of Sales for the Americas.

Bioactive Bone Replacement from the 3D Printer

05-12-2023 | Ceramic Technology | Editor´s Pick | News

Bioactive Bone Replacement from the 3D Printer

The treatment of bone tumors or severe bone injuries often poses major problems for medicine.  Scientists at the University of Rostock are working on using 3D printing technology to treat large bone defects.

Piezoceramics Shorten Root Canal Treatments

05-12-2023 | Ceramic Technology | Editor´s Pick | News

Piezoceramics Shorten Root Canal Treatments

During root canal treatment, dentists need to insert a file deep into the root canal to remove the inflamed tissue. Researchers at Fraunhofer IKTS have developed a piezoceramic stack actuator that allows procedures to be performed more quickly.

AI for Perovskite Solar Cells

05-12-2023 | Ceramic Technology | Editor´s Pick | News

AI for Perovskite Solar Cells

Researchers of KIT and of two Helmholtz platforms have succeeded in finding a way to predict the quality of the perovskite layers. It is now possible assess their quality from variations in light emission already in the manufacturing process.

Cell Assembly at BMW's Competence Center for Battery Cell Production in Parsdorf

28-11-2023 | Automotive Manufacturing | Editor´s Pick | News

BMW Starts Sample Production of Round Cells

BMW starts production of battery cell samples in Parsdorf. The new round cells are to be used in the Neue Klasse models from 2025.

Robots in an Agricultural Business

24-11-2023 | Mechanics | In the Spotlight | Article

Germany Aiming to be One of the Leaders in AI-based Robotics

The future of robotics lies in autonomous systems that cooperate closely with humans in changing environments. With the Robotics Action Plan, the BMBF wants to make Germany internationally competitive.

Symbolic Image Industrial Robots

20-11-2023 | Machinery | In the Spotlight | Article

Six Trends Will Shape Robotics in 2024

Robot Valley sees the beginning of a new era in human-robot collaboration in 2024. It will be supported by AI and cloud computing. Robotics start-ups are also becoming increasingly more interesting for providers of venture capital.

Smart Factory Symbol Image

15-11-2023 | Production + Production Technology | Editor´s Pick | News

System Concept Developed for Direct Current Factory

The concept developed in the DC-Industrie2 project paves the way for a standardized DC factory. It is manufacturer-independent and is designed to help save energy and resources in production.

AR VR in Action

13-11-2023 | Virtual Reality | In the Spotlight | Article

Introducing AR and VR Technology in 6 Targeted Steps

Augmented and virtual reality offer numerous new applications in training, collaboration, construction, maintenance and presentation. A guide from the digital association Bitkom helps to identify use cases.

Rotor Blade Production is Industrialized

11-11-2023 | Manufacturing | Editor´s Pick | News

Rotor Blade Production is Industrialized

The Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems IWES completed the BladeFactory project in October, an important occasion to look back on the results together with project partners and guests from the wind energy industry and research.

Cobalt: Element of the Periodic Table

10-11-2023 | Battery | In the Spotlight | Article

How Can Cobalt Be Reduced in Electric Car Batteries?

Cobalt is a controversial raw material. There are both technical and ethical reasons for this. Researchers are therefore looking for alternatives for the cathode material.

Continental Mobile Robots takes over Kinexon specialty division

09-11-2023 | Automotive Manufacturing | Editor´s Pick | News

Continental Takes Over Robotics Speciality Division

Continental acquires Kinexon's specialist division for the "Brain" on-board operating system, thereby further expanding its expertise in the field of autonomous, mobile robots.

Production of Non-ferrous Metals 2022

08-11-2023 | Production + Production Technology | Infographic | Article

Germany Becomes a Net Importer of Non-ferrous Metals

High energy costs led to a reduction in non-ferrous metal production in 2022. While the trade balance for semi-finished products is roughly even, Germany remains heavily dependent on imports for raw metals.

Plastic Granulate and Leaf

08-11-2023 | Materials Technology | In the Spotlight | Article

How Plastics Could Get Rid of Fossil Raw Materials

Plastics Europe has presented a roadmap for the transformation of the plastics industry towards a circular economy and climate neutrality. The aim is to reduce the proportion of fossil-based plastics to 35% by 2050.

Quote from Bernd Jung from PwC

06-11-2023 | Companies + Institutions | Infographic | Article

Mechanical Engineering is Pessimistic about Economic Development

According to PwC, the majority of mechanical and plant engineering companies are pessimistic about economic development. Cost pressure, a shortage of skilled workers and regulation are slowing things down, while sustainability is not recognized as an opportunity.

Sketch of a light bulb under a magnifying glass

02-11-2023 | Machinery | In the Spotlight | Article

Frugal Innovation Replaces Over-Engineering

European machine and plant manufacturers are increasingly competing on the global market with local companies from the low-cost segment - which offer high-quality products. Is the "golden tap" on the brink of extinction?

Share of plastics recycled in 2022

31-10-2023 | Materials Technology | Infographic | Article

Share of Recycled and Bioplastics Grows

Nearly 10% of the plastics produced worldwide is made from recycled or bio-based raw materials. The European industry even reaches almost 20 %, but at the same time its share of the world market is decreasing.

Hydrogen Symbol Image

24-10-2023 | Hydrogen | In the Spotlight | Article

How Germany is Becoming the Leading Supplier for Electrolysers

In the production of electrolysers, German manufacturers are among the top addresses. But international competition is tough. Acatech outlines how German industry can maintain its strong position.

Battery Recycling Symbol Image

16-10-2023 | Battery | In the Spotlight | Article

Battery Recycling Picks Up Speed Starting in 2030

Strategy& and RWTH Aachen expect a large supply of materials and falling costs - in recycling and for batteries. However, the volume of used batteries threatens to significantly exceed recycling capacities.

Top 5 Applications for Professional Service Robots

13-10-2023 | Robotik | Infographic | Article

Demand for Service Robots Driven by Shortage of Skilled Workers

For professional use, transport robots and increasingly also information robots are in demand. According to the IFR, however, the number of vacuum and garden robots for private use is far higher.