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Cellulose 17/2021

Issue 17/2021

Table of Contents ( 34 Articles )

13-10-2021 | Communication | Issue 17/2021

Biodegradable CuI/BCNF composite thermoelectric film for wearable energy harvesting

Hongbing Li, Yudong Zong, Xia Li, Qijun Ding, Yifei Jiang, Wenjia Han

02-10-2021 | Review Paper | Issue 17/2021

Environmental hazard in textile dyeing wastewater from local textile industry

Faheem Uddin

07-10-2021 | Review Paper | Issue 17/2021

A review on lignocellulose/poly (vinyl alcohol) composites: cleaner approaches for greener materials

Abu Naser Md Ahsanul Haque, Yi Zhang, Maryam Naebe

26-09-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021 Open Access

Deswelling of microfibril bundles in drying wood studied by small-angle neutron scattering and molecular dynamics

Aleksi Zitting, Antti Paajanen, Lauri Rautkari, Paavo A. Penttilä

07-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Quantifying the influence of dispersion interactions on the elastic properties of crystalline cellulose

Pan Chen, Yoshiharu Nishiyama, Jakob Wohlert

08-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Measuring the tensile strain of wood by visible and near-infrared spatially resolved spectroscopy

Te Ma, Tetsuya Inagaki, Masato Yoshida, Mayumi Ichino, Satoru Tsuchikawa

12-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Study on transport of molecules in gel by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Samir Kumar, Taiga Taneichi, Takao Fukuoka, Kyoko Namura, Motofumi Suzuki

13-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021 Open Access

Potentiometric back titration as a robust and simple method for specific surface area estimation of lignocellulosic fibers

Ferran Serra-Parareda, Roberto Aguado, Quim Tarrés, Pere Mutjé, Marc Delgado-Aguilar

28-09-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

In situ synthesis of silver nanoparticles on dialdehyde cellulose as reliable SERS substrate

Qiutian She, Jie Li, Yudong Lu, Shan Lin, Ruiyun You

01-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Laser damage threshold of hydrophobic up-conversion carboxylated nanocellulose/SrF2:Ho composite films functionalized with 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane

Anna A. Luginina, Sergey V. Kuznetsov, Vladimir K. Ivanov, Valery V. Voronov, Alexey D. Yapryntsev, Andrey A. Lyapin, Elena V. Chernova, Aleksandr A. Pynenkov, Konstantin N. Nishchev, Radmir V. Gainutdinov, Dmitrii I. Petukhov, Alexey V. Bogach, Pavel P. Fedorov

02-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Rheological interpretation of intermediate physical state of gel and liquid crystalline phases in cellulose solution and their synergetic effects on the mechanical property

Taeho Kim, Younghan Song, Jungbin Ahn, Minhyung Kim, Eunjoo Ko, Hyungsup Kim

01-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Acryloyl-modified cellulose nanocrystals: effects of substitution on crystallinity and copolymerization with acrylic monomers

Ezgi M. Dogan-Guner, Gregory T. Schueneman, Meisha L. Shofner, J. Carson Meredith

04-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Development of an integrated process to produce CNFs and lignin and its potential applications for agrochemical delivery

Diego M. do Nascimento, Yana L. Nunes, Jéssica S. de Almeida, Renato Carrhá Leitão, Judith P. A. Feitosa, Alain Dufresne, Morsyleide de Freitas Rosa

04-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021 Open Access

Effect of pectin extraction method on properties of cellulose nanofibers isolated from sugar beet pulp

Mohammad L. Hassan, Linn Berglund, Wafaa S. Abou Elseoud, Enas A. Hassan, Kristiina Oksman

12-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021 Open Access

Phase-separation of cellulose from ionic liquid upon cooling: preparation of microsized particles

Jingwen Xia, Alistair W. T. King, Ilkka Kilpeläinen, Vladimir Aseyev

13-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021 Open Access

Breath figure templated self-assembly of surface-acylated cellulose nanowhiskers confined as honeycomb films

Huan Liu, Bo Pang, Kai Zhang

04-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Rheological, mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of UHMWPE/CNC composites

Donatella Duraccio, Rossella Arrigo, Valentina Strongone, Pier Paolo Capra, Giulio Malucelli

05-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Optimized mechanical and impact performance of high strength tempo oxidized cellulose nanofibril (TOCNF)—epoxy laminates

Endrina S. Forti, Daniela B. Jimenez, Gregory T. Schueneman, Robert J. Moon, Jeffrey P. Youngblood

06-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Crosslinking polydopamine/cellulose nanofibril composite aerogels by metal coordination bonds for significantly improved thermal stability, flame resistance, and thermal insulation properties

Fuyi Han, Hong Huang, Yan Wang, Lifang Liu

06-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Novel TEMPO-oxidized cellulose nanofiber/polyvinyl alcohol/polyethyleneimine nanoparticles for Cu2+ removal in water

Rongrong Si, Chaojun Wu, Dongmei Yu, Qijun Ding, Ronggang Li

06-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

A cost-effective anionic flocculant prepared by grafting carboxymethyl cellulose and lignosulfonate with acrylamide

Guohao Guan, Tong Gao, Xuejun Wang, Tao Lou

13-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Modulation of morphology, water uptake/retention, and rheological properties by in-situ modification of bacterial cellulose with the addition of biopolymers

Peddapapannagari Kalyani, Mudrika Khandelwal

26-09-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Preparation of cotton fibers modified with aromatic heterocyclic compounds and study of Cr(VI) adsorption performance

Zhiyu Huang, Peng Wu, Yankun Yin, Xiang Zhou, Lu Fu, Luoxin Wang, Shaohua Chen, Xu Tang

27-09-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Sequential assembly of PEDOT/BiVO4/FeOOH onto cotton fabrics for photocatalytic degradation of reactive dyes

Benxian Yu, Narendra Reddy, Baojiang Liu, Zhijia Zhu, Wei Wang, Chunyan Hu

28-09-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Modification of cellulose filter paper with bimetal nanoparticles for catalytic reduction of nitroaromatics in water

Tahseen Kamal, Sher Bahadar Khan, Esraa M. Bakhsh, Yasir Anwar

28-09-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

CeO2/CdS heterojunction decorated cotton fabric as a recyclable photocatalyst for efficient light driven degradation of methylene blue

Rui Zou, Linhua Li, Lin Yang, Jianwu Lan, Hongyu Liu, Baojie Dou, Jiaojiao Shang, Shaojian Lin

01-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Sustainable cationic cellulose for highly efficient flocculation of Kaolin suspension

Zhen Li, Wenli Gong, Xuan Chen, Lin Liu, Ranju Meng, Yanhong Ding, Juming Yao

04-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Green pH- and magnetic-responsive hybrid hydrogels based on poly(methacrylic acid) and Eucalyptus wood nanocellulose for controlled release of ibuprofen

Maja D. Markovic, Sanja I. Seslija, Vukasin Dj. Ugrinovic, Matjaz Kunaver, Vesna V. Panic, Rada V. Pjanovic, Pavle M. Spasojevic

11-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

β-cyclodextrin modified xanthan gum as an eco-friendly corrosion inhibitor for L80 steel in 1 M HCl

Yixuan Cao, Changjun Zou, Chengjun Wang, Hao Liang, Shuai Lin, Ya Liao, Lihong Shi

12-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Fabrication of high mechanical properties papers coated with CMC-based nanocomposites containing nanominerals synthesized from paper waste

Faegheh Alsadat Mortazavi Moghadam, Hossein Resalati, Sousan Rasouli, Ghasem Asadpour

07-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021 Open Access

Spinneret geometry modulates the mechanical properties of man-made cellulose fibers

Kaniz Moriam, Daisuke Sawada, Kaarlo Nieminen, Yibo Ma, Marja Rissanen, Nicole Nygren, Chamseddine Guizani, Michael Hummel, Herbert Sixta

10-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Transesterification reaction and application in anti-wrinkle finishing of cotton fabrics

Xia Yu, Xianghui Dai, Jian Jun Pan, Xiaoting Zhang, Jie Min

10-10-2021 | Original Research | Issue 17/2021

Novel bio-inspired deep eutectic solvent and graphene functionalized deep eutectic solvent as an efficient flame retardant material for cotton fabric

Rahul V. Khose, Mahesh P. Bondarde, Surajit Some

09-10-2021 | Note | Issue 17/2021

Improved hygrothermal durability of flax/polypropylene composites after chemical treatments through a hybrid approach

Xiong Xiao, Yucheng Zhong, Mingyang Cheng, Lei Sheng, Dan Wang, Shuxin Li

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