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Colloid and Polymer Science

Colloid and Polymer Science 10/2019

Issue 10/2019

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

03-08-2019 | Original Contribution | Issue 10/2019

Thermal phase transition of poly(N-vinyl caprolactam)-based copolymers: the distribution of hydrophilic units within polymeric chains

Jing Peng, Dongyan Tang, Haitao Lv, Ning Wang, Xu Yang, Zhaojie Sun, Zaiqian Yu

06-08-2019 | Original Contribution | Issue 10/2019

Influence of the cluster formation in a magnetic particle suspension on heat production effect in an alternating magnetic field

Seiya Suzuki, Akira Satoh

07-08-2019 | Original Contribution | Issue 10/2019

An effect of ionic liquids on polymorph transformations in polyvinylidenefluoride at its crystallization from solution

V. V. Kochervinskii, N. V. Kozlova, D. О. Ponkratov, A. A. Korlyukov, D. A. Kiselev, T. S. Ilina, Yu. S. Terekhova, N. A. Shmakova, A. I. Khorokhorin

08-08-2019 | Original Contribution | Issue 10/2019

Influence of copolymer chain sequence on electrode latex binder for lithium-ion batteries

Zhenan Zheng, Xiang Gao, Yingwu Luo

10-08-2019 | Original Contribution | Issue 10/2019

CTAB-assisted fabrication of well-shaped PDA-based colloidosomes

Pin Liu, Chenze Qi, Yong Gao

10-08-2019 | Original Contribution | Issue 10/2019

Polymer solar cells employing conjugated polyelectrolytes with different countercations

Yueqin Shi, Enxiang Yang, Jun Zhang, Zhenguo Ji

10-08-2019 | Original Contribution | Issue 10/2019

Indometacin-loaded micelles based on star-shaped PLLA-TPGS copolymers: effect of arm numbers on drug delivery

Jun Chen, Amin Ding, Yifeng Zhou, Pengpeng Chen, Ying Xu, Wangyan Nie

15-08-2019 | Original Contribution | Issue 10/2019

Polyacrylamide-polyaniline composites: the effect of crosslinking on thermal, swelling, porosity, crystallinity, and conductivity properties

Mehmet Umur Celik, Sema Ekici

07-09-2019 | Original Contribution | Issue 10/2019

The features of poly (vinylimidazole) adsorption on gold surface: a molecular dynamics study

Ashot V. Meltonyan, Armen H. Poghosyan, Serzhik H. Sargsyan, Karine S. Margaryan, Aram A. Shahinyan

07-09-2019 | Original Contribution | Issue 10/2019

PSMA-b-PNIPAM copolymer micelles with both a hydrophobic segment and a hydrophilic terminal group: synthesis, micelle formation, and characterization

Xiaoyan Zhao, Guorong Shan

11-09-2019 | Original Contribution | Issue 10/2019

Pore connectivity effects on the internal surface electric charge of mesoporous silica

Tumcan Sen, Murat Barisik

02-09-2019 | Short Communication | Issue 10/2019

Unexpected cosolvency of water on poly(propylene glycol) in hydrophobic ionic liquid

Noboru Osaka, Kenta Okauchi, Yuhei Eki, Yukihiro Noda

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