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Working in Imbalance: How Employees Revise Their Psychological Contracts in a Post-Breach Environment

In the post-violation model of the psychological contract, employees who have experienced violation engage in a variety of coping strategies and, more often than not, form a new psychological contract and continue to work for their employer. Our …

19-06-2018 Open Access

Legal Regulation of the Obligation of Employers to Provide Social Support to Employees in the Polish Legal System

The aim of the article is to present the Polish legal regulations concerning the obligation of social support to employees by employers, including the rich axiological layer having its source not only in socialist history of this country, but also …


Independent Workers: Growth Trends, Categories, and Employee Relations Implications in the Emerging Gig Economy

The major objectives of this paper are threefold. First, the paper captures and explains the recent growth trends of independent workers, working as freelancers for corporations, and offering on-demand services for various types of clients …

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Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal fosters development of the field of employee relations by presenting high-quality, peer-reviewed original research articles and by linking practitioner concerns involving the employment relationship with academic rigor. The journal is interdisciplinary in focus, drawing from a broad range of disciplines including ethics, organizational behavior, law, economics, sociology, social psychology, industrial and employment relations, administrative and organizational studies, and philosophy to further the understanding of both employee responsibilities and rights. The journal offers an international forum for the publication of scholarly peer-reviewed original research including qualitative and quantitative empirical studies, case studies, critical commentaries, and conceptual and dialectic presentations.

In addition, Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal publishes a Perspectives Section that showcases important contributions in formats other than the traditional research article. Such contributions include symposia/roundtable discussions, commentaries, review essays, interviews, and book reviews.

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