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What Makes a Good Mediator? Insights from a Mediation Training Program Participant

Mediation is a popular form of alternative dispute resolution for settling conflicts occurring in employment settings. Such workplace conflicts handled by mediation, for example, include discrimination, wrongful termination, as well as various …

22-02-2018 Open Access

An Interview Study of the Experiences of Firefighters in Regard to Psychological Contract and Stressors

As the first qualitative study of its kind, this study explored firefighters’ beliefs and experiences about the psychological contract between themselves as employees and their employer, workplace stress, stress-management strategies, and their …


Swimming on Land: Some Suggestions for Today’s Public Administration

In recent decades researchers have suggested various models for public administration organizations. These models and reforms, generally called New Public Management and Post-New Public Management, ignore the different developmental phases of …

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Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal fosters development of the field of employee relations by presenting high-quality, peer-reviewed original research articles and by linking practitioner concerns involving the employment relationship with academic rigor. The journal is interdisciplinary in focus, drawing from a broad range of disciplines including ethics, organizational behavior, law, economics, sociology, social psychology, industrial and employment relations, administrative and organizational studies, and philosophy to further the understanding of both employee responsibilities and rights. The journal offers an international forum for the publication of scholarly peer-reviewed original research including qualitative and quantitative empirical studies, case studies, critical commentaries, and conceptual and dialectic presentations.

In addition, Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal publishes a Perspectives Section that showcases important contributions in formats other than the traditional research article. Such contributions include symposia/roundtable discussions, commentaries, review essays, interviews, and book reviews.

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