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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 6/2014

Issue 6/2014

Table of Contents ( 17 Articles )

01-11-2014 | Issue 6/2014

Optical Modeling of Fire Hazards Arising from Sunlight Focused by Water

David W. Warren

01-11-2014 | Issue 6/2014

Influence of Heat on Non-Ferrous Objects: Metallurgical Analysis in Fire Scene Investigations

Marco Boniardi, Andrea Casaroli

01-11-2014 | Issue 6/2014

The Importance of Autopsy and Injury Data in the Investigation of Fires

Jamie L. McAllister, Douglas J. Carpenter, Richard J. Roby, David Purser

01-11-2014 | Issue 6/2014

Characterization of Flaring and Non-Flaring Container Filled Votive Candles

Donald J. Hoffmann, Michael T. Burr, Michael J. Kroll, Laura M. Logan

01-11-2014 | Issue 6/2014

The Propensity of Lit Cigarettes to Ignite Gasoline Vapors

Howard A. Marcus, Justin A. Geiman

01-11-2014 | Issue 6/2014

Correlations Among Signatures for Detection of Different Types of Fires

Rajiv Kumar, M. P. Singh

01-11-2014 | Issue 6/2014

Smoke Damage Potentials in Industrial Fire Applications

Jeffrey S. Newman, Geary G. Yee, Paul Su, Yibing Xin, Ning Ren

01-11-2014 | Issue 6/2014

Evaluation of Navigation Sensors in Fire Smoke Environments

Joseph W. Starr, B. Y. Lattimer

01-11-2014 | Issue 6/2014

Experimental Study on Gas Temperature During Fire in a Compartment with a Sloped Roof Vent

Jian Li, Changkun Chen, Bingyin Shen

01-11-2014 | Issue 6/2014

Entrainment in a Free Jet Generated by a Positive Pressure Ventilator

Maria Kumm, Haukur Ingason

01-11-2014 | Issue 6/2014

Experimental Study on the Use of Positive Pressure Ventilation for Fire Service Interventions in Buildings with Staircases

K. Lambert, B. Merci

01-11-2014 | Issue 6/2014

Travelling Fires and the St. Lawrence Burns Project

John Gales

01-11-2014 | Issue 6/2014

A Method for the Analysis of Behavioural Uncertainty in Evacuation Modelling

Enrico Ronchi, Paul A. Reneke, Richard D. Peacock

01-11-2014 | Issue 6/2014

Thermal Radiation from Fire Whirls: Revised Solid Flame Model

Kuibin Zhou, Naian Liu, Linhe Zhang, Koyu Satoh

01-11-2014 | Issue 6/2014

Effect of Wind on Smoldering Combustion Limits of Moist Pine Needle Beds

Juan Pablo Valdivieso, Juan de Dios Rivera

01-11-2014 | Short Communication | Issue 6/2014

Fire Performance Assessment of a Fiber Reinforced Polymer Wall Panel Used in a Single Family Dwelling

Umberto Berardi, Brian J. Meacham, Nicholas A. Dembsey, Young-Guen You

01-11-2014 | Erratum | Issue 6/2014

Erratum to: A Flame Detection Synthesis Algorithm

Shidong Wang, Jian Wang, Yaping He, Jujia Zou, Baobin Duan

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