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Fire Technology

Issue 5/2023

Content (30 Articles)

Short Communication

A New Method for Quantifying Exit Usage

Michael Kubicki, Haejun Park

Open Access Reviews

The Controlled Atmosphere Cone Calorimeter: A Literature Review

Robert John Bray, Svetlana Tretsiakova-McNally, Jianping Zhang

Open Access Manuscript

Evacuation of Vessels in Dockyards: A Model Validation Study

Arturo Cuesta, Adriana Balboa, Javier González-Villa, Daniel Alvear

Open Access Manuscript

Determination of Hydrofluoric Acid Formation During Fire Accidents of Lithium-Ion Batteries with a Direct Cooling System Based on the Refrigeration Liquids

G. Lombardo, Mark R. St. J. Foreman, B. Ebin, L. W. Y. Yeung, B. M. Steenari, M. Petranikova

Open Access Manuscript

Behavior of a Composite Steel Decking and Boarding System in Fire Based on Large-Scale Experimental Testing and Numerical Modelling

Jaleel Claasen, Antonio Cicione, Dirk Streicher, Richard Walls


Study on Bayesian Skew-Normal Linear Mixed Model and Its Application in Fire Insurance

Meiling Gong, Zhanli Mao, Di Zhang, Jianxing Ren, Songtao Zuo


Scattering Characteristics of Fire Smoke and Dust Aerosol in Aircraft Cargo Compartment

Yong Zhou, Long Shi, Cong Li, Heping Zhang, Rong Zheng


Numerical Study of the Effect of Different Transverse Fire Locations on Smoke Mass Flow Rate in Tunnel Fires

Rongfang Chen, Zhiguo Guo, Yangpeng Liu, Yurun Yang, Qinglan Tan

The Effect of Fuel Rotation on Different Characteristics of Fire Whirls: An Experimental Analysis

Pushpendra Kumar Vishwakarma, Saumitra Mishra, Kirti Bhushan Mishra, A. Aravind Kumar

Open Access

An Analysis of Domestic Fire Smoke/Toxic Fumes Inhalation Injuries

Mark Taylor, Hulya Francis, John Fielding


Predicting the Wildland Fire Spread Using a Mixed-Input CNN Model with Both Channel and Spatial Attention Mechanisms

Xingdong Li, Xinyu Wang, Shufa Sun, Yangwei Wang, Sanping Li, Dandan Li

Experimental Determination of Flash Points and Fire Points of Alcoholic Beverages

Eric J. Sudbrook, Nasir Hussain, Douglas J. Carpenter, Stephen M. Olenick


Burning and Thermal Degradation of Wood Under Defined Conditions: A Route of Preparation of Carbonaceous Char and Its Characterization for Potential Applicability in Evaluation of Real Fire

Michal Paál, Jozef Rychlý, Anna Vykydalová, Igor Šurina, Anton Lisý, Vlasta Brezová, Katarína Nemčeková, Ján Labuda

Open Access

Modelling Charring and Burning of Spruce and Pine Woods During Pyrolysis, Smoldering and Flaming

Aleksi Rinta-Paavola, Dmitry Sukhomlinov, Simo Hostikka

Postfire Mechanical Behaviors of Grouted Sleeve Connections Under Strong Earthquakes

Lianglin Liu, Luxia Ouyang, Xi Ouyang, Weihua Li, Jianzhuang Xiao

Dynamic Evacuation Path Planning for Multi-Exit Building Fire: Bi-Objective Model and Algorithm

Wenling Guan, Shuai Hou, Gangjie Yu, Haofeng Gong, Siqi Guan, Junying Zhao