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Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics 1/2021

Issue 1/2021

Table of Contents ( 14 Articles )

01-01-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Pressure Losses in Power-Law Fluid Flow through a Tube of Variable Cross-Section

E. I. Borzenko, I. A. Ryl’tsev, G. R. Schrager

01-01-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Estimating Bubble Shape Behavior from Underwater Combustion of Pyrotechnic Mixtures

Ouyang Di-hua, Zhang Qian-tao, Guo San-xue

01-01-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Spreading of Lava as a Non-Newtonian Fluid in the Conditions of Partial Slip on the Underlying Surface

E. A. Vedeneeva

01-01-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Transition Problem and Localized Turbulent Structures in Pipes

N. V. Nikitin

01-01-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Compressible Gas Flow past a Plate with Upstream-Moving Surface

A. M. Gaifullin, S. A. Nakrokhin

01-01-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Oscillations of a Body Submerged in Fluid beneath an Ice Cover in the Neighborhood of a Vertical Wall

L. A. Tkacheva

01-01-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Control of Cross-Flow in a Three-Dimensional Boundary Layer Using a Multidischarge Actuator System

S. A. Baranov, A. F. Kiselev, A. P. Kuryachii, D. S. Sboev, S. N. Tolkachev, S. L. Chernyshev

01-01-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Evolution of a Phase Interface in the Displacement of Viscous Fluids from a Porous Medium

N. N. Smirnov, V. F. Nikitin, E. I. Kolenkina (Skryleva), D. R. Gazizova

01-01-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Mechanical Model of Methane Hydrate Self-Preservation in a Gaseous Medium

A. N. Rozhkov

01-01-2021 | Issue 1/2021

The Use of a Supersonic Jet of Gas Activated in a Microwave Discharge in Diamond Deposition

A. A. Emel’yanov, M. Yu. Plotnikov, A. K. Rebrov, N. I. Timoshenko, I. B. Yudin

01-01-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Heating of a Sharp Slender Wedge in Supersonic Flow

A. A. Kuznetsov, V. V. Lunev

01-01-2021 | Issue 1/2021

New Approach of Axisymmetric Compressible Finite-Volume Lattice Boltzmann Method for Numerical Simulation of Supersonic Inviscid Flow

R. Kamali Moghadam, N. Sahranavard Fard, H. Jalali

01-01-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Vortex Formation and Separation from the Surface of a Charged Dielectric Microparticle in a Strong Electric Field

E. A. Frants, D. A. Artyukhov, T. S. Kireeva, G. S. Ganchenko, E. A. Demekhin

01-01-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Nozzle Length Effect on the Performance of the Jet-Driven Helmholtz Oscillator

A. A. Abdrashitov, E. A. Marfin

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