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20-04-2018 | Research Article Open Access

Tribological application and mechanism of epicuticular wax

The plant cuticle is a complex mixture of omnipresent, commonly monofunctional, fatty acid derivatives and taxon-specific, generally bifunctional, specialty compounds. This study explored expanded applications for these substances. Four types of …

19-04-2018 | Research Article Open Access

Finite element simulation and experimental test of the wear behavior for self-lubricating spherical plain bearings

In this study, based on the classical Archard adhesion wear theory, a three-dimensional finite element model was established, with the aim of simulating the failure process of self-lubricating spherical plain bearings in the swinging wear …

06-04-2018 | Research Article Open Access

Numerical analysis of time-varying wear with elastic deformation in line contact

Wear is an important factor for failures of mechanical components. Current research on wear is mainly focused on experiments while the numerical simulation of wear is hardly used owing to the complexities of the wear process. Explaining the effect …

06-04-2018 | Research Article Open Access

Experimental rigs for testing components of advanced industrial applications

This paper presents experimental rigs of the Research Centre for the Mechanics of Turbomachinery of the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering of the University of Pisa. Most of them were designed and constructed to allow investigations of …

06-04-2018 | Short Communication Open Access

The viscosity at the glass transition of a liquid lubricant

In the classical study of elastohydrodynamic lubrication (EHL) which does not employ real, measurable viscosity in analysis, the possibility of a glass transition has not been considered in many years. Indeed, the two rheological assumptions of …

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• Friction: Origin of friction, Friction theories, New phenomena of friction, Nano-friction, Ultra-low friction, Molecular friction, Ultra-high friction, Friction at high speed, Friction at high temperature or low temperature, Friction at solid/liquid interfaces, Bio-friction, Adhesion, etc.
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Friction is an open access journal. It is published quarterly by Tsinghua University Press and Springer, and sponsored by the State Key Laboratory of Tribology (Tsinghua University) and the Chinese Tribology Institute.

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