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14-11-2017 | Research Article

Efficient sampling methods for characterizing POIs on maps based on road networks

With the rapid development of location-based services, a particularly important aspect of start-up marketing research is to explore and characterize points of interest (PoIs) such as restaurants and hotels on maps. However, due to the lack of …

14-11-2017 | Research Article

NERank+: a graph-based approach for entity ranking in document collections

Most entity ranking research aims to retrieve a ranked list of entities from a Web corpus given a user query. The rank order of entities is determined by the relevance between the query and contexts of entities. However, entities can be ranked …

09-11-2017 | Research Article

Efficient identity-based threshold decryption scheme from bilinear pairings

Using Shamir’s secret sharing scheme to indirectly share the identity-based private key in the form of a pairing group element, we propose an efficient identity-based threshold decryption scheme from pairings and prove its security in the random …

09-11-2017 | Research Article

GPS: a constraint-based gene position procurement in chromosome for solving large-scale multiobjective multiple knapsack problems

The multiple knapsack problem (MKP) forms a base for resolving many real-life problems. This has also been considered with multiple objectives in genetic algorithms (GAs) for proving its efficiency. GAs use self-adaptability to effectively solve …

09-11-2017 | Research Article

Using partial evaluation in holistic subgraph search

Because of its wide application, the subgraph matching problem has been studied extensively during the past decade. However, most existing solutions assume that a data graph is a vertex/edge-labeled graph (i.e., each vertex/edge has a simple …

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Frontiers of Computer Science is intended to facilitate effective communication and exchanges between scientists in China and abroad. It will reflect the significant advances that are currently being made in computer science. The multidisciplinary character of this field will be typified by providing the readers with a broad range of articles. They include original review articles, research papers written by individual researchers and research groups which appeal to the international community of academics and other professionals.

The journal is to keep related researchers updated on the developments in a wide range of topics reporting experiments, techniques and ideas that advance the understanding of various areas of computer science. This journal especially concerns the following sub-fields (but not limited to): The journal publishes research papers and review articles in a wide range of topics, including software engineering, computer architecture, programming theory and languages, natural language processing, algorithm and complexity, artificial intelligence, network computing and service, computer graphics and virtual reality, security and cryptography, as well as papers reflecting international trends of research and development, and papers on special topics reporting progress made by Chinese computer scientists.

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