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International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM)

International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM) OnlineFirst articles

14-02-2020 | Original Paper

Albatros Create: an interactive and generative tool for the design and 3D modeling of wind turbines with wavy leading edge

The shape of a wind turbine blade plays a critical role in the efficiency and robustness of energy production. In particular, the Wavy Leading Edge is a morphology that can be implemented in the blades to improve the operating range in unsteady …

06-02-2020 | Original Paper

Optimization assisted redesigning a structure of a hydrogen valve: the redesign process and numerical evaluations

This study introduced the redesign process of an automotive hydrogen valve. The process relied on the structural optimization approach, which used to build up the new valves having promising stiffness and the lowest possible weights. To achieve …

22-01-2020 | Original Paper

Multi-objective optimal design of stiffened laminated composite cylindrical shell with piezoelectric actuators

The stiffeners and piezoelectric actuators are used in many aerospace structures as an auxiliary layer with laminated composites. A question then arises as to whether we can estimate the percentage of these materials in an efficient design. Due to …

21-01-2020 | Original Paper

Electric hybridization kit for modification of a manual transmission motorcycle

Design and implementation processes of a functional model of an electric hybridization kit for modification of a manual transmission motorcycle are presented in this paper. Considering the complexity of the development and the need to integrate …

20-01-2020 | Original Paper

Research on the construction method of kansei image prediction model based on cognition of EEG and ET

In order to more accurately predict kansei image of user when they interact with a product, and help designer to design a product that meets user’s emotional appeal from a user-centric perspective, a method for constructing kansei image prediction …

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The International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM) presents interdisciplinary research, technical issues, and original industrial implementations. It examines the development, handling, and design of highly realistic, multi-sensorial virtual prototypes for improving decision-making in product design and manufacturing. Readers discover cutting-edge research in the fields of mechatronics, design and manufacturing sciences, numerical and mechanical engineering, and virtual reality.

IJIDeM explores a variety of techniques, including the description of industrial problems in identifying significant knowledge and variables; advanced modeling of design and manufacturing problems; virtual exploration of solution spaces; building of highly realistic, multi-sensorial simulators; and implementation of user-centered, innovative methods.

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