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International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM)

International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM) OnlineFirst articles

29-01-2018 | Original Paper

3D interactive environment for the design of medical devices

The effectiveness of custom-made prostheses or orthoses heavily depends on the experience and skills of the personnel involved in their production. For complex devices, such as lower limb prosthesis, a conventional manual approach affects the …

16-08-2017 | Original Paper

Design and development of a novel body scanning system for healthcare applications

This paper presents a novel instant 3D whole body scanner for healthcare applications. It is based on photogrammetry, a digital technology which allows to reconstruct the surface of objects starting from multiple pictures. The motivation behind …

17-07-2017 | Original Paper

Interaction Design and Metaphor through a Physical and Digital Taxonomy

This research aims to formalize the fundamental relationship between user experience, interaction, and metaphors. By doing so, we provide a tool and a methodology to enable the classification of interactive products and consequently propose some …

14-07-2017 | Original Paper

Methods and tools for identifying and leveraging additive manufacturing design potentials

Additive manufacturing (AM) allows the fabrication of complex design solutions and opens up new opportunities for improved products. To identify and optimally leverage these potentials, they must be considered as early as possible in new product …

04-07-2017 | Original Paper

Interactive design and manufacturing of a Voronoi-based biomimetic bone scaffold for morphological characterization

The purpose of this work is the morphological.11 characterization of a Voronoi-based biomimetic bone scaffold, developed through an interactive generative design process and obtained by an additive manufacturing system. In particular, the …

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The International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM) presents interdisciplinary research, technical issues, and original industrial implementations. It examines the development, handling, and design of highly realistic, multi-sensorial virtual prototypes for improving decision-making in product design and manufacturing. Readers discover cutting-edge research in the fields of mechatronics, design and manufacturing sciences, numerical and mechanical engineering, and virtual reality.

IJIDeM explores a variety of techniques, including the description of industrial problems in identifying significant knowledge and variables; advanced modeling of design and manufacturing problems; virtual exploration of solution spaces; building of highly realistic, multi-sensorial simulators; and implementation of user-centered, innovative methods.

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