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International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM) 1/2021
International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM)

Issue 1/2021


Table of Contents (28 Articles)

11-09-2020 | Original Paper

Role of jet radius and jet location in cryogenic machining of Inconel 718: a finite element method based approach
Ibrahim Nouzil, Salman Pervaiz, Sathish Kannan

21-09-2020 | Original Paper

A preliminary design embodiment analysis through the graph theory implementation
Khadija Hmina, Mohammed Sallaou, Abdelmajid Ait Taleb, Larbi Lasri, Mehdi El Amine

19-10-2020 | Original Paper

Interactive approach in improving rigidity of lathe structure
Madhu P, Shailesh Rao A

12-09-2020 | Short Original Paper

ICT technologies for motor skills rehabilitation after stroke
Andrea Vitali, Daniele Regazzoni, Caterina Rizzi

Open Access 09-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

Define and exploit guidelines for interactive redesign of products’ User eXperience
Stefano Filippi, Barbara Motyl

19-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

Point Inversion for triparametric NURBS
Leonardo Orazi, Barbara Reggiani

02-01-2021 | Correction

Correction to: Point Inversion for triparametric NURBS
Leonardo Orazi, Barbara Reggiani

30-09-2020 | Short Original Paper

A sustainable manufacturing tool for the analysis and management of resource consumption within production processes
Marco Marconi, Roberto Menghi

Open Access 02-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

A new metrological characterization strategy for 3D multi-camera systems
Michaela Servi, Francesco Buonamici, Luca Puggelli, Yary Volpe

Open Access 02-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

Design of an automatic optical system to measure anthropometric hand parameters
Matteo Bianchi, Alessandro Ridolfi, Nicola Secciani, Michaela Servi, Yary Volpe

Open Access 04-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

A computer-aided strategy for preoperative simulation of autologous ear reconstruction procedure
Elisa Mussi, Michaela Servi, Flavio Facchini, Monica Carfagni, Yary Volpe

Open Access 12-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

Systems Engineering approach for the concept design of the Crystal Eye detector
F. Renno, F. Barbato, G. Barbarino, D. Marzullo, R. Guida, S. Papa

Open Access 06-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

Statistical Shape Model: comparison between ICP and CPD algorithms on medical applications
Antonio Marzola, Carlo Robilotta, Yary Volpe, Lapo Governi, Rocco Furferi

01-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

Methodology for evaluating effects of mandibular advancement devices in treating OSAS
Marco Mandolini, Manila Caragiuli, Daniele Landi, Antonio Gracco, Giovanni Bruno, Alberto De Stefani, Alida Mazzoli

09-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

CAD-based design for welding (DFW) method
Claudio Favi, Federico Campi

08-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

Home physiotherapy rehabilitation based on RGB-D sensors: a hybrid approach to the joints angular range of motion estimation
Francesca Uccheddu, Lapo Governi, Rocco Furferi, Monica Carfagni

Open Access 21-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

Trends in engineering education for additive manufacturing in the industry 4.0 era: a systematic literature review
Barbara Motyl, Stefano Filippi

19-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

Design of ergonomic manufacturing equipment by a human-centered methodology
Alessandra Papetti, Marianna Ciccarelli, Agnese Brunzini, Michele Germani

22-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

Experimental characterization and modeling of power module warpage during assembly process
Michele Calabretta, Alessandro Sitta, Salvatore Massimo Oliveri, Gaetano Sequenzia

Open Access 27-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

An experimental-numeric approach to manufacture semiconductor wafer using thick copper front metallization
Michele Calabretta, Alessandro Sitta, Salvatore Massimo Oliveri, Gaetano Sequenzia

Open Access 23-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

User-centered approach for design and development of industrial workplace
Dario Panariello, Stanislao Grazioso, Teodorico Caporaso, Giuseppe Di Gironimo, Antonio Lanzotti

Open Access 23-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

A graph-based approach and an interactive tool for preliminary digital prototyping
Ferdinando Vitolo, Stanislao Patalano, Antonio Lanzotti

Open Access 24-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

A NURBS-based solid modeling to enhance rapid prototyping in the restoration of decorative elements
Michele Calì, Salvatore Massimo Oliveri, Placido Calì, Rita Ambu

Open Access 22-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

A knowledge-based approach to the layout optimization of human–robot collaborative workplace
A. Rega, F. Vitolo, C. Di Marino, S. Patalano

22-10-2020 | Short Original Paper

Concept selection and interactive design of an orthodontic functional appliance
Luca Grigolato, Stefano Filippi, Daniele Cantarella, Roberta Lione, Won Moon, Stefano Rosso, Roberto Meneghello, Gianmaria Concheri, Gianpaolo Savio

Open Access 07-11-2020 | Short Original Paper

Interactive freehand sketching as the means for online communication of design intent in conceptual design conducted by Brainwriting
Sergio Rizzuti, Luigi De Napoli

03-01-2021 | Short Original Paper

Sustainable strategies: a continuously improving methodology
Roberto Raffaeli, Marta Rossi, Federica Cappelletti

Open Access 08-02-2021 | Short Original Paper

Towards innovative road cycle gloves for low vibration transmission
G. Sanseverino, S. Schwanitz, D. Krumm, S. Odenwald, A. Lanzotti

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