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05-12-2022 | Technical Article

Investigation on Hot Deformation and Processing Parameter Optimization of Ti48Al2Cr2Nb Alloy with Bimodal Grain Size Distribution Fabricated by Powder Metallurgy

The deformation behavior of Ti-48Al-2Cr-2Nb alloy with bimodal grain structure was studied using isothermal compression tests in the temperature range of 950-1100 °C and strain rate range of 0.001-0.1 s−1. The results show that the flow stress is …

05-12-2022 | Technical Article

Collaborative Enhancement of Ce and Yb Addition to Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of In Situ Al6Si/5TiB2 Metal Matrix Composites

In this work, the effects of combined addition of Ce and Yb on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Al6Si/5TiB2 MMC were systematically investigated by using optical microscopy (OM), x-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy …

05-12-2022 | Technical Article

Experimental Study of the Mechanical Behavior of Polyvinyl Chloride Foam under Shear Stress

The development of modern technologies requires the use of materials with high mechanical properties specific to their use, but with low densities. Composite materials with sandwich structure meet the above requirements, due to their low density …

05-12-2022 | Technical Article

Thermomechanical Fatigue Mechanical Behavior and Life Prediction of Coke Drum with Cr-Mo Steel

Thermomechanical fatigue tests are performed on SA387Gr11CL2 (1.25Cr-0.5Mo) low alloy steel, which is widely used in the manufacture of coke drum. Thermomechanical fatigue mechanical behavior and life are investigated under different mechanical …

05-12-2022 | Technical Article

Optimizing the Corrosion Resistance of Ni-Containing Low-Alloy Steels with Mo Addition in Tropical Marine Atmosphere

The corrosion behaviors of self-designed Ni-containing low-alloy steels with Mo addition in tropical marine atmosphere was investigated by surface analysis and electrochemical methods. The results showed that with the increase of Ni content, the …

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The Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance (JMEP) offers articles that assist in solving day-to-day engineering challenges, especially those involving components for larger systems. Coverage includes all aspects of materials selection, design, processing characterization and evaluation. Topics include improvement of materials properties through processes and process control of casting, forming, heat treating, surface modification and coating, and fabrication.

Testing and characterization are demonstrated through mechanical and physical tests, NDE, metallography, failure analysis, corrosion resistance, chemical analysis, surface characterization, and microanalysis of surfaces, features and fractures.

The Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance publishes contributions on all aspects of materials selection, design, processing, characterization, and evaluation. The scope includes all materials used in engineering applications, especially those that typically result in components for larger systems.

This is a publication of ASM International, The Materials Information Society.

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