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Journal of Quantitative Economics

Issue 2/2022

Content (11 Articles)

Original Article

Topological Data Analysis and UNICEF Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys

Jun Ru Anderson, Fahrudin Memić, Ismar Volić

Original Article

An Entropy Approach to Measure the Dynamic Stock Market Efficiency

Subhamitra Patra, Gourishankar S. Hiremath

Original Article

R&D Spillovers and Product Market Competition

Sukhdeep Singh

Open Access Original Article

Digitalization and Banking Crisis: A Nonlinear Relationship?

Mohamed Sami Ben Ali

Original Article

Perspectives into the Industrialization Process of India Through the New Economic Geography Lens

Mehak Majeed, Saeed Owais Mushtaq, Javaid Iqbal Khan

Open Access Original Article

The Unemployment Imbalance Between Non-English-Speaking Migrant Women and Australian Born Women

Tariq Hassan Haque, M Ohidul Haque


Correction to: Rates of Expansions for Functional Estimators

Yulia Kotlyarova, Marcia M. A. Schafgans, Victoria Zinde-Walsh

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