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Journal of Quantitative Economics

Issue 4/2023

Content (10 Articles)

Original Article

Unifying Portfolio Diversification Measures Using Rao’s Quadratic Entropy

Benoît Carmichael, Gilles Boevi Koumou, Kevin Moran

Open Access Original Article

Mobility and Income Distribution

Nicolas Piluso, Gabriel Colletis, Adrien Blanchet, Mehdi Badra

Original Article

Getting Real in the Real Consumption Expenditure: A Case of Rural India

S. S. Swathysree, Manisha Chakrabarty, Debopriti Bhattacharya

Original Article

Inflation and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Role of Institutions

Dieudonné Mignamissi, Séraphin Brice Minkoé Bikoula, Thierno Thioune

Original Article

Dynamic Relationship Between Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Gross Domestic Product for Low, Middle- and High-Income Countries

Bibhuti Bhusan Mohapatra, Ankita Kumari, Simantini Mohapatra, Bimal Kishore Sahoo

Notes and Short Article

Banks and Markets from an Insurance Perspective

Amaury Goguel, Maxence Miéra

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