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Journal of Scientific Computing

Journal of Scientific Computing 1/2016

Issue 1/2016

Table of Contents ( 18 Articles )

15-02-2016 | Issue 1/2016

Optimal Error Estimates of Linearized Crank–Nicolson Galerkin Method for Landau–Lifshitz Equation

Rong An

05-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

Error Estimates of Two-Grid Method for Miscible Displacement Problem

Yanping Chen, Jiaoyan Zeng, Jie Zhou

01-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

Iteration Complexity Analysis of Multi-block ADMM for a Family of Convex Minimization Without Strong Convexity

Tianyi Lin, Shiqian Ma, Shuzhong Zhang

24-02-2016 | Issue 1/2016

A Multiphase Image Segmentation Based on Fuzzy Membership Functions and L1-Norm Fidelity

Fang Li, Stanley Osher, Jing Qin, Ming Yan

03-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

Numerical Solution of the Robin Problem of Laplace Equations with a Feynman–Kac Formula and Reflecting Brownian Motions

Yijing Zhou, Wei Cai

18-04-2016 | Issue 1/2016

Numerical Discretization of Coupling Conditions by High-Order Schemes

Mapundi K. Banda, Axel-Stefan Häck, Michael Herty

03-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

Source Term Discretization Effects on the Steady-State Accuracy of Finite Volume Schemes

Jonathan Thorne, Aaron Katz

02-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

High Order Weighted Extrapolation for Boundary Conditions for Finite Difference Methods on Complex Domains with Cartesian Meshes

A. Baeza, P. Mulet, D. Zorío

05-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

Fast Multilevel Solvers for a Class of Discrete Fourth Order Parabolic Problems

Bin Zheng, Luoping Chen, Xiaozhe Hu, Long Chen, Ricardo H. Nochetto, Jinchao Xu

18-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

Modified Gauss–Laguerre Exponential Fitting Based Formulae

Dajana Conte, Beatrice Paternoster

11-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

Stabilized Finite Element Methods for the Oberbeck–Boussinesq Model

Helene Dallmann, Daniel Arndt

01-04-2016 | Issue 1/2016

Application of a Multi-dimensional Limiting Process to Central-Upwind Schemes for Solving Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws

Seongju Do, Youngsoo Ha, M. Kang, Chang Ho Kim

17-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

On the Use of ANOVA Expansions in Reduced Basis Methods for Parametric Partial Differential Equations

Jan S. Hesthaven, Shun Zhang

05-04-2016 | Issue 1/2016

Finite Volume Scheme with Local High Order Discretization of the Hydrostatic Equilibrium for the Euler Equations with External Forces

Emmanuel Franck, Laura S. Mendoza

29-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

A Multiple-Relaxation-Time Lattice Boltzmann Model for General Nonlinear Anisotropic Convection–Diffusion Equations

Zhenhua Chai, Baochang Shi, Zhaoli Guo

04-04-2016 | Issue 1/2016

On Solving the Singular System Arisen from Poisson Equation with Neumann Boundary Condition

Myoungho Yoon, Gangjoon Yoon, Chohong Min

18-04-2016 | Issue 1/2016

A Posteriori Error Analysis of Two-Step Backward Differentiation Formula Finite Element Approximation for Parabolic Interface Problems

Jhuma Sen Gupta, Rajen K. Sinha, G. M. M. Reddy, Jinank Jain

09-04-2016 | Issue 1/2016

Error Analysis of a B-Spline Based Finite-Element Method for Modeling Wind-Driven Ocean Circulation

Nella Rotundo, Tae-Yeon Kim, Wen Jiang, Luca Heltai, Eliot Fried

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