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24-11-2022 | Regular Paper

KLECA: knowledge-level-evolution and category-aware personalized knowledge recommendation

Knowledge recommendation plays a crucial role in online learning platforms. It aims to optimize the service quality so as to improve users’ learning efficiency and outcomes. Existing approaches generally leverage RNN-based methods in combination …

23-11-2022 | Regular Paper

Concept drift detection and accelerated convergence of online learning

Streaming data has become an important form in the era of big data, and the concept drift, as one of the most important problem of it, is often studied deeply. However, similar to true concept drift, noise and too small training samples will also …

Open Access 15-11-2022 | Regular Paper

Logical design of multi-model data warehouses

Multi-model DBMSs, which support different data models with a fully integrated backend, have been shown to be beneficial to data warehouses and OLAP systems. Indeed, they can store data according to the multidimensional model and, at the same …

Open Access 11-11-2022 | Regular Paper

A systematic construction of non-i.i.d. data sets from a single data set: non-identically distributed data

Data-driven models strongly depend on data. Nevertheless, for research and academic purposes, public data sets are usually considered and analyzed. For example, most machine learning algorithms are applied and tested using the UCI Machine Learning …

09-11-2022 | Survey Paper

Imbalanced data preprocessing techniques for machine learning: a systematic mapping study

Machine Learning (ML) algorithms have been increasingly replacing people in several application domains—in which the majority suffer from data imbalance. In order to solve this problem, published studies implement data preprocessing techniques …

About this journal

Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS) provides an international forum for researchers and professionals to share their knowledge and report new advances on all topics related to knowledge systems and advanced information systems. This monthly peer-reviewed archival journal publishes state-of-the-art research reports on emerging topics in KAIS, reviews of important techniques in related areas, and application papers of interest to a general readership.

The journal focuses on knowledge systems and advanced information systems, including their theoretical foundations, infrastructure and enabling technologies. We solicit submissions of original research, and experience and vision papers that address this theme.

We publish critical review papers to discuss the state of the art in particular areas, as well as state-of-the-art research reports. Accepted papers are grouped for publication so that individual issues focus on a small number of theme areas. In addition to archival papers, the journal also publishes significant on-going research in the form of Short Papers (limited to 3000 words), and very short papers on "visions and directions" (no more than 1000 words, excluding bibliography). We conduct reviews in a timely fashion and inform authors of decisions with a target turnaround time of 3 months.

Selected papers from relevant conferences are welcome. Good papers with high quality reviews can be accepted after the expansion and revision is verified by an Associate Editor of the Editorial Board. Conference organizers are invited to contact the Editor-in-Chief for further information.

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