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KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering

Issue 3/2023

Content (35 Articles)

Construction Management

Small Tool Image Database and Object Detection Approach for Indoor Construction Site Safety

Kanghyeok Lee, Chanwoong Jeon, Do Hyoung Shin

Geotechnical Engineering

Model Test Study on the Load-bearing Behaviour of Multi-tooth Piles under Different Bearing Layers

Peng Du, Yu Jia Fu, Xiao Ling Liu, Guang Fan Li

Geotechnical Engineering

Experimental Analysis of Vertical Deformation and Bearing Characteristics of Bridge Piles in High and Steep Slopes

Yuanyuan Wang, Ronggui Deng, Tao Guo, Yi Sun, Bo Huang, Qinke Wang

Geotechnical Engineering

Characterizing Structural Bearing Capacity and Deformation Behaviors of Micropiles under Multi-Stage Static Loading

Xueyuan Zhang, Luqiang Ding, Chengzhi Xiao, Yang Song

Geotechnical Engineering

Rapid Treatment Using Vacuum-surcharge Preloading with Dynamic Consolidation Method: Laboratory Model Test

Xiaobing Li, Jun Li, You Zhou, Tian Jin, Mingfeng Li

Geotechnical Engineering

Evaluation of Liquefaction-induced Lateral Force on Pile in Slope by Centrifuge Tests

Byeong-Soo Yoo, Byong-Youn Hwang, Nghiem Xuan Tran, Jung-Won Yun, Sung-Ryul Kim

Geotechnical Engineering

Recycling and Utilization Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste Materials to Stabilize Aeolian Sand

Amin Amiri, Mohammad Mohsen Toufigh, Vahid Toufigh

Geotechnical Engineering

Calibration of Geotechnical Parameters Based on the Stochastic Discrete-continuum Coupling Method and Bayesian Theory

Daofei Tang, Changhong Wang, Baolin Hu, Kun Wang, Chengtao Ma

Hydraulic Engineering

Optimized Microcystis Prediction Model Using EFDC-NIER and LH-OAT Method

Jung Min Ahn, Jungwook Kim, Sunghyun Kwak, Taegu Kang

Hydraulic Engineering

Performance of a Rectangular-Shaped Surface Velocity Radar for River Velocity Measurements

Geunsoo Son, Dongsu Kim, Kyungdong Kim, Youngsin Roh

Structural Engineering

Study on Seismic Behavior and Influencing Factors of Composite Connection in Moment-resisting Steel Frame

Kang Ma, Xihao Ye, Haifeng Yu, Ruoyang Wu, Yong Li, Weibin Li

Structural Engineering

Internal Defect Detection of Structures Based on Infrared Thermography and Deep Learning

Lu Deng, Hui Zuo, Wei Wang, Chao Xiang, Honghu Chu

Structural Engineering

Relationship Between Dynamic Tensile Strength and Pore Structure of Saturated Concrete under Lateral Pressure

Hao Wang, Licheng Wang, Bahman Ghiassi, Yupu Song, Le Zhou, Dongxu Hou

Structural Engineering

Soil Interaction of H-shaped Steel-RC Stepped Pile of Integral Abutment Bridge: Experimental Evaluation

Yizhou Zhuang, Kun-Sheng Song, Said M. Easa, Yong-Qing Song

Structural Engineering

Seismic Failure Mechanism and Influencing Factors of Plate-Shell Integrated Concrete Liquid Storage Structure

Lei Qi, Xuansheng Cheng, Shanglong Zhang, Xinhai Zhou

Structural Engineering

Performance of Rock-like Materials Containing Filled Kinked Fissures under Uniaxial Tension at Failure

Yulin Wu, Qianqian Dong, Jian He, Qiyang Chen

Structural Engineering

Preventive Structural Risk Assessment of Buried Gas Pipelines in Liquefaction of Ground

Youngjin Choi, Yangrok Choi, Kyungrok Kwon, Woohyun Baek, Jungsik Kong

Structural Engineering

Compressive-Tensile Mechanics and Energy Consumptions of a Cementitious Composite with High Utilization of Steel Slag

Guohua Sheng, Shengji Jin, Chao Li, Quan Bai, Xiaoyu Wang

Structural Engineering

A New Combined Support Technology to Prevent the Failure of the Existing Metro Station Induced by Unilateral Excavation

Feicong Zhou, Wenhao Fan, Ping Zhou, Mao Chen, Shougen Chen, Zhijie Wang, Yifan Jiang

Surveying and Geo-Spatial Engineering

Large Scale Topographic Mapping Using Stereo Pair Imagery from CAS500-1 Satellite

Jaehong Oh, Haksong Ji, Hyo Jin Yang, Jeong In Hwang, Changno Lee

Transportation Engineering

A Collision Avoidance Model for On-Ramp Merging of Autonomous Vehicles

Muhammad Sameer Sheikh, Yinqiao Peng

Transportation Engineering

A Simulation Study on the Impact of Abandoned Trolley Cases on Pedestrian Evacuation

Dongyue Xu, Jinghong Wang, Juan Liu, Yan Wang, Juncheng Jiang

Tunnel Engineering

Stability Analysis of 3D Tunnel Face of Shallow Rectangular Shield Tunnel

Wenpo Wang, Ronggui Deng, Hongfeng Liu

Tunnel Engineering

Dynamic and Damage Characteristics of Mortar Composite under Impact Load

Qing Li, Tong-de Zhao, Chen Huang, Bing-bing Yu, Zheng-hua Gao, Kai Wang