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KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering

Issue 4/2023

Content (36 Articles)

Environmental Engineering

Technical Viability and Life Cycle Assessment to Excavated Soil and CDW Blends for Hydraulic Applications

Lina Chica, Juan Pablo Villada, Johanna Mejía Arcila, José William Restrepo

Environmental Engineering

A Performance Evaluation System for PPP Sewage Treatment Plants at the Operation-maintenance Stage

Xiaojuan Li, Yishu Liu, Mengmeng Li, Chi Yung Jim

Geotechnical Engineering

The Mechanical Properties of Lean Clay Filler under Freeze-thaw and Thermostatic Curing Cycles in Loess Plateau

Xiaoqiang Liu, Jiankun Liu, Yahu Tian, Yupeng Shen, Dan Chang

Geotechnical Engineering

Characterisation of Shear Creep and Stress Relaxation of Serrate Discontinuity in Rock Mass under Different Loading Paths

Guanghui Tian, Yadong Bian, Qingzhao Zhang, Chunqing Li, Yuxi Hao

Geotechnical Engineering

Direct Shear Characteristics of Enzymatically Cemented Sands

Mohammed Alwalan, Abdullah Almajed, Kehinde Lemboye, Ahmed Alnuaim

Geotechnical Engineering

Corrosion Resistance and Compressive Strength of Cemented Soil Mixed with Nano-Silica in Simulated Seawater Environment

Qingsheng Chen, Hongyu Zhang, Jianjun Ye, Gaoliang Tao, Sanjay Nimbalkar

Hydraulic Engineering

Adoption of Homotopy Perturbation Method (HPM) for non-Darcy Flow in Porous Media

Amirhossein Arvin, Mohammad Hadi Fattahi, Mohammad Sedghi-Asl, Seyyed Abbas Mohammadi

Hydraulic Engineering

Study of the Energy Dissipation over the Type-A Piano Key Weir

Deepak Singh, Munendra Kumar

Structural Engineering

Experimental Investigation on the Performance Levels and Drift Capacity of SRC Columns

Lei Zhang, Xiaolei Han, Jing Ji, Haoyu Lin

Structural Engineering

A Numerical Study on the Seismic Performance of a Horizontal Dry Connection for Precast Concrete Shear Walls

Emmanuel Wayne Sookree, Zhuye Huang, Zhenyu Wang

Structural Engineering

Mechanical Behavior of Composite Beams Considering Nonlinear Shear Stiffness of Clustered Studs

Duo Liu, Ding Zhou, Bohai Ji, Wenqin Deng, Shang Zha, Jiandong Zhang

Structural Engineering

Improved Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Method for Optimizing Complex Thin Plate Structure

Weitao Cheng, Yixiao Qin, Jinpeng Gu, Haibiao Gao, Yue Yan, Junle Yang, Yang Chen, Shen Su, Kaiyao Yang

Structural Engineering

Numerical Simulation of the Coalescence Behavior of Intermittent Structures with Fissures

Qianqian Dong, Yulin Wu, Qiyang Chen

Structural Engineering

Basement Design for Vibration Reduction of High-Rise Buildings under Metro Operation

Zhaowei Chen, Song Peng, Defeng Zeng, Qinglie He, Jing Tang, Mengqi Zhang

Surveying and Geo-Spatial Engineering

Replacement Sensor Model Generation for a Long High-Resolution Satellite Image Strip

Changno Lee, Doocheon Seo, Jinha Jung, Jaehong Oh

Tunnel Engineering

Design Method of Combined Gradient Dimming Structures for Highway Tunnels

Bo Liang, Jinghang Xiao, Jia’an Niu, Shuo Li, Shiyong He

Tunnel Engineering

Experimental Study on Grouting Diffusion Law of the Different Crack Widths in Tunnel Lining

Bin Zhang, Yuanfu Zhou, Xuefu Zhang, Zijian Wang, Wei Yang, Yixuan Ban

Tunnel Engineering

Study on the Vehicle-Induced LTAS Law of the Tunnel in Diatomite Area

Huijian Zhang, Shuai Zhang, Wei Fang, Gongning Liu, Wenshan Gao, Zuoyang Jiang, Kai Liu

Water Resources and Hydrologic Engineering

Joint Modelling of Drought Severity and Duration using Copula Theory: A Case Study of Ghana

Gyamfi Kwame Adutwum, Eun-Sung Chung, Mohammed Sanusi Shiru, Shamsuddin Shahid

Water Resources and Hydrologic Engineering

A Comparative Experimental Study of Green Roofs Based on Radiation Budget and Surface Energy Balance

Yongwon Seo, Youjeong Kwon, Jun Shik Hwang, Dong Kook Woo