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24-11-2022 | Special Feature: Original Paper

Responsive evaluation of college students-in-residence rural community competition

The Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Taiwan implemented the College Students-in-Residence Rural Community Competition Program in 2011 in Taiwan. The program provides incentives through competition, encourages young …

23-11-2022 | Special Feature: Original Paper

Quantitative PCR method to detect an extremely endangered bitterling fish (Rhodeus atremius suigensis) using environmental DNA

Rhodeus atremius suigensis is an extremely endangered bitterling fish, designated as one of the Nationally Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora by the Ministry of Environment of Japan. To prevent its extinction, effective ecological survey …

Open Access 31-10-2022 | Original Paper

Establishment and development of ornamental grasses on green roofs and living walls

Ornamental grasses are often used in gardens to improve biodiversity and as additional aesthetical resources. However, their use in green roofs (GR) and living walls (LW) is not so widespread and it has not been studied extensively. The aim of …

28-10-2022 | Technical report

Error estimation of trunk diameter and tree height measured with a backpack LiDAR system in Japanese plantation forests

Trunk biomass in a forest is necessary information for good forest management. The trunk biomass is usually calculated by an allometric formula using trunk diameter at breast height (DBH) and tree height (TH) as non-destructive input values. To …

20-10-2022 | Special Feature: Original Paper

Diurnal detection of environmental DNA of the semi-aquatic water shrew Chimarrogale platycephala using 25-h water sampling in streams

Whether environmental DNA (eDNA) testing methods are effective for semi-aquatic organisms that spend time both in rivers and on land remains unclear. We designed a species-specific primer–probe set for the semi-aquatic Japanese water shrew …

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