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Landscape and Ecological Engineering


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22.06.2022 | Original Paper

Modelling of road-kill hotspots in steppe landscape in Turkey

Roads and traffic have various negative ecological and environmental consequences on wildlife. Their impacts on animal populations are not limited to deaths. The main goal of the study is to analyze the spatial patterns of wildlife–vehicle …

18.06.2022 | Original Paper

A tale of two cyclists: a cross-cultural comparison between Taiwanese and Filipino perceptions on cycling infrastructure landscapes

How is cycling culture defined? Because the word “culture” brings with it deep complexities, there is a need to understand varying contexts in looking for suitable strategies toward the advancement of cycling culture. The stage for cycling culture …

10.06.2022 | Special Feature: Original Paper

Development of environmental DNA chip for monitoring the invasive alien fishes in dam reservoirs

Control and prevention of invasive alien species (IAS) are important issues for the environmental management of dam reservoirs. Recently, environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis has been used for monitoring IAS in aquatic ecosystems. In this study, as a …

Open Access 08.06.2022 | Original Paper

The long-term effect of initial restoration intervention, landscape composition, and time on the progress of Pannonic sand grassland restoration

To help upscale ecological restoration of degraded lands, landscape factors and longer time scales should be considered when assessing restoration efforts. We evaluated the impact of initial restoration intervention, landscape composition, and …

20.05.2022 | Report

Effects of advance and retreat of agricultural landscapes on Rana japonica and R. ornativentris

Paddy fields are essential habitats for frogs. We evaluated the impacts of both farmland consolidation including agricultural road improvement and farmland abandonment on the two Rana species using a model incorporating spatial autocorrelation. A …

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Landscape and Ecological Engineering is published by the International Consortium of Landscape and Ecological Engineering with the aim of protecting and improving the environment in the face of biodiversity loss, desertification, global warming, and other environmental conditions.

The journal presents original papers, reports, reviews and technical notes on all aspects of conservation, restoration, and management of ecosystems. Its scope is not limited to purely scientific approaches, but welcomes technological and design approaches that provide useful and practical solutions to today's environmental problems.

The coverage is relevant to students and researchers at universities and institutes, while its emphasis on the practical application of research will interest all decision makers dealing with landscape planning and management problems.

The Editors-in-Chief of Landscape and Ecological Engineering are Yoshihiro Natuhara (Nagoya University, Japan), Kazumi Tanida (Osaka Museum of Natural History, Japan), Dong Kun Lee (Seoul National University, Korea).

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