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Metal Science and Heat Treatment

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Composition of Surface Layers of Titanium Alloy after Electrospark Alloying

The effect of the regime of electrospark alloying (ESA) on the thickness, hardness, and phase composition of the alloyed hardened layer on the surface of specimens of titanium alloy VT1-0 is studied. The thickness of the layer depends considerably …


A Study of Correlation between Tensile Strength and Hardness of Aluminum Alloy 2219 and its Welded Joints

Correlation between the ultimate tensile strength and the hardness of aluminum alloy 2219 and its joints welded with a variable-polarity tungsten electrode in inert gases (VPTIG) and by friction stir welding (FSW) is studied. The yield strength …

28-07-2020 | CAST IRONS

Effect of Silicon and Vanadium on the Composition of Carbide Phase in Mottled Medium-Alloy Chromium-Nickel Cast Iron

Medium-alloy chromium-nickel cast iron with different contents of silicon and vanadium is studied. The composition of the carbide phase, the distribution of elements in the carbide phase and in the metallic matrix, and the proportion of the …

25-07-2020 | WEAR RESISTANCE

Formation of Dissipative Structure of Metastable Austenite for Raising the Abrasive Wear Resistance of Steels of Pearlitic and Ledeburitic Classes

The structure of retained austenite in wear-resistant steels 150KhNML and Kh12MFL of pearlitic and ledeburitic classes is studied under the conditions of abrasive wear after different variants of heat treatment. The working surfaces of the steels …


Effect of Overaging Conditions on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Maraging Steel

The microstructure and mechanical properties of maraging steel 350 is studied after aging at 500 – 650°C. The yield strength, the ultimate strength, the impact energy, and the hardness of the steel are determined. The volume fraction of reverted …

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Metal Science and Heat Treatment discusses fundamental, practical issues of physical metallurgy, new achievements in heat treatment of alloys, surface engineering, and heat treatment equipment. Review papers are published as well as special issues on state-of the-art and future development of heat treatment, the history of physical metallurgy, and its outstanding researchers.

Metal Science and Heat Treatment is a translation of the peer-reviewed Russian journal Metallovedenie i Termicheskaya Obrabotka Metallov.

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