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Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis

Application and Innovation for Metals, Alloys, and Engineered Materials

Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis OnlineFirst articles

18-01-2019 | Society

2019 International Metallographic Contest (IMC) and Exhibit

The International Metallographic Contest and Exhibit is being held in conjunction with the 2019 Materials Science & Technology (MS&T) Conference & Exhibition in Portland, OR, September 29–October 03, 2019. The contest features the best work of …

18-01-2019 | Feature

Dialogue with Emerging Engineers

Mary O’Brien, Colorado School of Mines

My current research is on the effect of microstructure on hydrogen induced cracking in pipeline steels exposed to high partial pressures of hydrogen sulfide gas. It is a hydrogen embrittlement mechanism that occurs in the absence of applied stress …

14-01-2019 | Society

Artistic Entries from the 2018 International Metallographic Contest

11-01-2019 | Mystery Micro

Can You Identify the Microstructure?

07-01-2019 | Technical Article

Novel Degradation Mechanism of a Structural Wire Rope During Its Life Cycle

High-carbon steel wire ropes are variously employed for load transmission in many industries such as construction, mining, oil and gas, etc. [ 1 ]. Its high axial strength, flexibility in bending, and torsional stiffness make high-carbon steel a …

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Metallography, Microstructure and Analysis focuses on the art and science of preparing, interpreting, and analyzing microstructures in engineered materials, to better understand materials behavior and performance. The journal covers the methods of evaluation of metallic materials for use in the metals industry, including the aerospace industry, the automotive industry, and parts of the construction industry, and the results of those evaluations. Coverage includes new techniques in metallography and microscopy which aid in the examination, interpretation, and analysis of microstructures and microstructural properties in metals, alloys, ceramics, and building materials. The journal also examines mechanical processes and environmental behavior in regards to microstructures in materials, as well as the characterization of building materials, tribological surfaces and interfaces, superplasticity, and radiation effects.

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