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Metallurgist 9-10/2006

Issue 9-10/2006

Table of Contents ( 15 Articles )

01-09-2006 | Issue 9-10/2006

Optimizing control of rotary-kiln operation in the magnetic-blooming method of processing iron-bearing raw materials

A. A. Panychev

01-09-2006 | Issue 9-10/2006

Prospects of technologies for the direct alloying of steel from oxide melts

O. S. Bobkova, V. V. Barsegyan

01-09-2006 | Issue 9-10/2006

Adapting a mathematical model of the end of the blow of a converter heat to existing conditions in the oxygen-converter shop at the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine

A. M. Bigeev, V. V. Baitman

01-09-2006 | Issue 9-10/2006

Study of the mechanical characteristics of low-carbon plate steels

T. Yu. Ivanova, I. V. Ganoshenko, S. I. Degtyarev, V. E. Stavrovskaya, Yu. I. Matrosov

01-09-2006 | Issue 9-10/2006

Study of the effect of “new” ferrite on the properties of dual phase steels

N. M. Fonshtein, T. M. Efimova

01-09-2006 | Issue 9-10/2006

Welding skelp in continuous metallurgical units

V. N. Baranov, V. S. Zarudnyi

01-09-2006 | Issue 9-10/2006

Metal-on-metal friction plating

Thermoplastic deformation and processes involved in the interaction of the plated surface and the plating layer
L. S. Belevskii, S. A. Tulupov, O. M. Smirnov, J. Gordon, I. L. Belevskii

01-09-2006 | Issue 9-10/2006

Energy conservation in the sinter plant of the Severstal’ company

M. S. Tabakov, M. A. Gurkin, V. P. Nevraev, T. V. Detkova, V. A. Kobelev, V. M. Kurkin

01-09-2006 | Issue 9-10/2006

Comparative analysis of the mineralogical composition and metallurgical properties of sinters obtained from iron-ore-bearing charges of different origins

N. R. Mansurova, T. Ya. Malysheva, V. V. Korovushkin, M. F. Gibadulin, V. P. Lekin, V. A. Gostenin

01-09-2006 | Issue 9-10/2006

Optimizing the tapping regime on a blast furnace operating at variable speed

I. P. Fedorov, S. F. Bugaev

01-09-2006 | Issue 9-10/2006

Modern small-capacity unit for the vacuum-oxygen refining of steel

S. E. Malkov, I. Yu. Zinurov, A. M. Shumakov

01-09-2006 | Issue 9-10/2006

Effectiveness of using oxygen-gas burners in modern arc steelmaking furnaces

A. D. Kiselev, I. Yu. Zinurov, D. N. Makarov, Yu. F. Mamenko, S. N. Pigin

01-09-2006 | Issue 9-10/2006

New technical and technological innovations being used in the reconstruction of continuous section mills and rod mills

S. M. Zhuchkov, D. G. Palamar’, A. I. Leshchenko

01-09-2006 | Issue 9-10/2006

Making combination drawing methods more efficient by controlling tool microroughness

A. V. Shchedrin, V. V. Ul’yanov, V. M. Skoromnov, A. A. Bekaev, Z. I. Egorova

01-09-2006 | Issue 9-10/2006

Dual-pass burner with a central intake for single-stack gas-fired bell-type furnaces

V. V. Koptsev, M. P. Borisova, O. V. Kazakov, V. N. Gorbulin

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