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Metallurgist 9-10/2007

Issue 9-10/2007

Table of Contents ( 23 Articles )

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Maximum blast pressure of aerosols of metal and alloy powders

I. V. Babaitsev, M. A. Mogilevtseva, O. A. Presnakova, M. A. Urshanskii

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Modelling the process of gas casting for the production of housing parts from tubular semifinished products

E. N. Chumachenko, V. K. Portnoi

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Use of 140-ton ladles to transport liquid pig iron

D. N. Makarov, Yu. P. Gorbachev, V. A. Andreev, G. V. Gorbunov, N. F. Kochergina

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Mastering the production of complex-alloyed structural and tool steels in a 100-ton electric furnace in electric steelmaking shop No. 2 at the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Combine

D. N. Makarov, V. I. Antonov, V. N. Artyushov, A. I. Zorin, V. B. Zakharov

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Development of the continuous casting of steel at the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Combine

A. G. Levada, D. N. Makarov, D. S. Bulgakov

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Aspects of the lengthwise cutting of coiled rolled products of steel 08ps in the manufacture of skelp for welded water-and gas-line pipe

A. G. Babkin, V. N. Lozovoi, O. V. Zagumennov

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Developing regimes for the heat treatment of tool steel 1.2344 with a specific structure

M. S. Kirpichnikov, E. O. Sinitsyn, N. V. Érgardt

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Production of reinforcement bar strengthened by thermomechanical treatment

D. N. Makarov, E. M. Komel’kov, A. P. Didenko, A. A. P’yankov

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Reducing heat loss in pusher-type continuous reheating furnaces

A. V. Vereshchagin, R. S. Yakupov, S. V. Kul’dyakin

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Development and introduction of a technology for continuous rolling on light-section and rod mills with undriven stands

S. M. Zhuchkov, A. P. Lokhmatov, P. V. Tokmakov, V. A. Sheremet, A. V. Kekukh, V. A. Shchur

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Alternative methods of producing bars and wire

K. M. Klimov

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Development and assimilation of an electron-beam deposition process for strengthening and restoration of metallurgical-equipment components

S. I. Belyuk, V. F. Shevchenko, N. K. Gal’chenko, V. P. Samartsev, K. A. Kolesnikova

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Wear resistance of powder bronze formed via electroplastic compression

A. A. Metsler

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Improving the efficiency of ventilation systems

A. Ivanov

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

From mediation — to innovative technologies

S. S. Shumakher

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Using the DVS system for the bottom-blowing of steel in the electric steelmaking shop at the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant

A. V. Yudin, A. V. Kuznetsov, I. V. Derevyanchenko, É. A. Shumakher, V. N. Khloponin, R. Frantski

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Use of the ASIS technology at the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant

A. V. Yudin, A. N. Sav’yuk, O. L. Kucherenko, I. V. Repin, É. A. Shumakher, É. É. Shumakher, V. N. Khloponin, G. A. Lozin

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

A study of the phase composition of iron-ore briquets to assess their behavior in a blast furnace

I. F. Kurunov, T. Ya. Malysheva, O. G. Bol’shakova

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Use of a heat-insulating mixture to reduce heat loss from pig iron during its transport and reduce the size of the salamander in hot-metal-car ladles

A. V. Chevychelov, V. P. Gridasov, A. V. Nechepurenko, N. S. Shtafienko, A. A. Kharlov, S. Yu. Kriventsov

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Technology for out-of-furnace treatment of steel with the use of a new deoxidizer

A. N. Lutsenko, A. A. Nemtinov, S. B. Eroshkin, K. É. Prudov, O. V. Popov, A. V. Kuklev, V. V. Sosnin

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Predicting the effect of steelmaking factors on the formation of defects in rolled products

S. A. Guzenkov, D. N. Fedorov

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Method of obtaining an Al-Pb anti-friction alloy to make slide bearings

Yu. V. Kontsevoi, I. É. Ignat’ev, E. V. Ignat’eva, É. A. Pastukhov, N. A. Vatolin

01-09-2007 | Issue 9-10/2007

Study of the longitudinal stability of strip made of copper alloys during rolling in the vertical rolls of a strip mill

R. L. Shatalov, A. V. Aldunin, S. A. Karpov, A. E. Shimanaev

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