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Photonic Network Communications

Issue 2/2022

Content (6 Articles)

Original Paper

All-optical soliton based universal logic NOR utilizing a single reflective semiconductor optical amplifier (RSOA)

Kousik Mukherjee, Kajal Maji, Ashif Raja, Mrinal Kanti Mandal

Original Paper

Design of two-dimensional photonic crystal based ultra compact optical RS flip-flop

Savita Soma, Mahesh V. Sonth, Sanjaykumar C. Gowre

Original Paper

Visible light communication networks MAC layer solutions: open issues and trends

Mohammad Salah Esfahani, Amir Masoud Rahmani, Mehdi Dehghan, Midia Reshadi

Original Paper

Influence of physical layer impairments on connection provisioning of WDM Networks

Karamjit Kaur, Anil Kumar, Hardeep Singh

Original Paper

MUX/DEMUX circuit using plasmonic antennas for LiFi and WiFi uplink and downlink transmission

A. Garhwal, A. E. Arumona, K. Ray, P. Youplao, S. Punthawanunt, P. Yupapin

Original Paper

Coflow scheduling and placement for packet-switched optical datacenter networks

Lin Wang, Xinbo Wang, Massimo Tornatore, Kwangjoon Kim, Biswanath Mukherjee