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The way of visionaries: foresight and imagination, computed

Do foresight and imagination change in the words of power elites? We first extract information present in stories with a text mining tool equipped with text-analytical filters, the ‘Foresight’ and ‘Imagination’ lexicons. We also convert Kermode’s …

20-11-2020 Open Access

Mapping validity and validation in modelling for interdisciplinary research

Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) is an interdisciplinary and dynamic modelling approach for the study of today’s global challenges. It is used for the explanation, description, and prediction of behaviours of system components and the system at …

18-11-2020 Open Access

Methodological insights on measurement and evaluation of compulsive buying behavior among young consumers in Poland: the case of compulsive- and non-compulsive buyers

In this study we focused on the methodological insights, the measurement and evaluation of compulsive buying tendencies among young consumers in Poland. We administered the Compulsive Buying Scale (CBS) developed by d’Astous et al. (in: Goldberg …


Do pandemics have an asymmetric effect on tourism in Italy?

In this study, the asymmetric Granger causality relationship between tourist arrivals and world pandemic uncertainty index is examined by controlling inflation, consumer confidence index, and industrial production for the period 2000M1 and 2020M1 …

13-11-2020 Open Access

Challenging practical features of Bitcoin by the main altcoins

We study the fundamental differences that separate: Litecoin; Bitcoin Gold; Bitcoin Cash; Ethereum; and Zcash from Bitcoin, and draw some analysis to how these features are appreciated by the market, to ultimately make an inference as to how …

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About this journal

Quality and Quantity constitutes a point of reference for European and non-European scholars to discuss instruments of methodology for more rigorous scientific results in the social sciences.
The journal publishes papers on models of classification, methods for constructing typologies, models of simulation, neural networks and fuzzy sets for social research, mathematical models applied to social mobility, mathematical models of voting behavior, qualitative methodology and feminist methodology, discussions on the general logic of empirical research, analysis of the validity and verification of social laws, and similar topics.
Quality and Quantity is an interdisciplinary journal which systematically correlates disciplines such as mathematics and statistics with the social sciences, particularly sociology, economics, and social psychology.
The journal extends discussion of interesting contributions in methodology to scholars worldwide, to promote the scientific development of social research.

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