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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 10/2017

Issue 10/2017

Special Topic: Advances in Opto-electronic Technology (1439–1479)

Table of Contents ( 15 Articles )

01-06-2017 | Review | Issue 10/2017

Progress on RE2O3-Mo/W matrix secondary emitter materials

JinShu Wang, LiRan Dong, Wei Liu, Fan Yang, ShuQun Chen

12-05-2017 | Review | Issue 10/2017

Recent progress on mixed-anion type visible-light induced photocatalysts

ZhiHuan Zhao, JiMin Fan, HongHong Chang, Yusuke Asakura, Shu Yin

15-08-2017 | Article | Issue 10/2017

Optimized photoluminescence of red phosphor K2LiAlF6:Mn4+ synthesized by a cation-exchange method

YiWen Zhu, Yong Liu, Lin Huang, TongTong Xuan, Jing Wang

12-05-2017 | Article | Issue 10/2017

Na2ZnSn2S6: A mixed-metal thiostannate with large second-harmonic generation response activated by penta-tetrahedral [ZnSn4S14]10− clusters

GuangMao Li, Kui Wu, Qiong Liu, ZhiHua Yang, ShiLie Pan

11-08-2017 | Article | Issue 10/2017

Phase transition and photoluminescence properties of Eu3+-doped ZnMoO4 red phosphors

Yu Zhou, ZhiJie Zhang, YaoQing Chu, YunFang Pan, MingJiang You, TingTing Zheng, JiaYue Xu

20-07-2017 | Article | Issue 10/2017

Effect of blade tip geometry on tip leakage vortex dynamics and cavitation pattern in axial-flow pump

Lei Shi, DeSheng Zhang, RuiJie Zhao, WeiDong Shi, YongXin Jin

19-07-2017 | Article | Issue 10/2017

Adaptive estimation and nonlinear variable gain compensation of the contouring error for precise parametric curve following

ZhenYuan Jia, DeNing Song, JianWei Ma, XiaoXuan Zhao, WeiWei Su

21-07-2017 | Article | Issue 10/2017

Damage localization for beams based on the wavelet correlation operator

ZhiBo Yang, XueFeng Chen, Maciej Radzienski, Pawel Kudela, Wieslaw Ostachowicz, Yong Xie

15-05-2017 | Article | Issue 10/2017

A partition-of-unity based three-node triangular element with continuous nodal stress using radial-polynomial basis functions

YongTao Yang, Hong Zheng, DongDong Xu

09-03-2017 | Article | Issue 10/2017

Modeling complex crack problems using the three-node triangular element fitted to numerical manifold method with continuous nodal stress

YongTao Yang, DongDong Xu, GuanHua Sun, Hong Zheng

10-08-2017 | Article | Issue 10/2017

Numerical simulation of gurney flaps lift-enhancement on a low reynolds number airfoil

Xi He, JinJun Wang, MuQing Yang, DongLi Ma, Chao Yan, PeiQing Liu

17-08-2017 | Article | Issue 10/2017

A surface-based hiding function linking flume and field data

LiGuo Zhang, XuDong Fu, Jennifer G. Duan

22-08-2017 | Article | Issue 10/2017

Three-dimensional ray-tracing simulation of fast magnetoacoustic waves in a stratified solar atmosphere

NiGang Liu, HuiNan Zheng, ZhenPeng Su

17-08-2017 | Article | Issue 10/2017

Biological object recognition approach using space variant resolution and pigeon-inspired optimization for UAV

Long Xin, Ning Xian

22-08-2017 | Article | Issue 10/2017

Steganography in low bit-rate speech streams based on quantization index modulation controlled by keys

YongFeng Huang, HuaiZhou Tao, Bo Xiao, ChinChen Chang

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