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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 2/2000

Issue 2/2000

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

01-04-2000 | Issue 2/2000

Nucleation and undercooling of metal melt

Zengyun Jian, Fang’e Chang, Weihong Ma, Wen Yan, Gencang Yang, Yaohe Zhou

01-04-2000 | Issue 2/2000

New numerical analysis method in computational mechanics: composite element method

Pan Zeng

01-04-2000 | Issue 2/2000

Numerical study of asymmetric driven reconnection at dayside magnetopause

Shuping Jin, Juntai Shen, Lei Hao, Xianpeng Hu

01-04-2000 | Issue 2/2000

Self-energy and interaction energy of stacking fault in fcc metals calculated by embedded-atom method

Gang He, Yonghua Rong, Zuyao Xu

01-04-2000 | Issue 2/2000

Elasto-viscoplastic consistent tangent operator concept-based implicit boundary element methods

Yong Liu, Glaucio H. Paulino, Lihua Liang

01-04-2000 | Issue 2/2000

Reduction of the curvature of a class of nonlinear regression models

Yi Wu, Dongyun Yi

01-04-2000 | Issue 2/2000

Friction resistance for gas flow in smooth microtubes

Dongxing Du, Zhixin Li, Zengyuan Guo

01-04-2000 | Issue 2/2000

Development of supercapacitors based on carbon nanotubes

Renzhi Ma, Bingqing Wei, Cailu Xu, Ji Liang, Dehai Wu

01-04-2000 | Issue 2/2000

Three-dimensional non-axisymmetric Lamb’s problem for saturated soil

Yi Huang, Yuhong Zhang

01-04-2000 | Issue 2/2000

Multiwavelength erbium-doped fiber laser exploiting intracavity polarization inhomogeneity

Junqiang Sun, Junlin Qiu, Dexiu Huang

01-04-2000 | Issue 2/2000

Regularities of formation of ternary alloy phases between non-transition metals

Lixiu Yao, Ruiliang Chen, Pei Qin, Nianyi Chen, Wencong Lu

01-04-2000 | Issue 2/2000

Unsteady transverse injection of kerosene into a supersonic flow

Shengli Xu, R. D. Archer, B. E. Milton, Pengtao Yue

01-04-2000 | Issue 2/2000

Computing equations of water hammer in pseudohomogeneous solid-liquid flow and their verification

Wenliang Han, Zengnan Dong, Hong’en Chai, Jun Han

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