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Smart City: A Critical Assessment


About this book

This contributed volume reports on a multidisciplinary collective work on the topic of Smart City, merging scientific reflections and operational issues. Here, current Smart Cities concepts are subjected to criticism, while the related terminology has been updated to contemplate a model of urban development capable of integrating technical and humanistic culture by fostering an open dialogue between different stakeholders. Upon an introduction to the state of the art, this book presents a glossary of definitions and concepts around the contemporary city, and five interviews with researchers and scholars of different background. The last chapter summarizes current challenges in designing the city of the future, highlighting new research directions in home-infrastructure, small smart city, energy transition, connectivity, digitalization and autonomous and connected mobility.

Written by the members of the Scientific Committee of the Smart City 4.0 Sustainable LAB Research Laboratory, an inter-university network including research groups from the University of Parma, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, University of Bologna, University of Ferrara, the Polytechnic University of Milan, and the Catholic University of Milan with its Piacenza campus, this book offers a source of inspiration for other researchers and stakeholders, and it is intended to foster collaborations between different stakeholders - and possibly countries – to develop future cities that are wise, green, sustainable and inclusive.

Table of Contents

Smart City Myth and Challenge. An Open Laboratory to Promote a Debate Based on Six Key Concepts
This introductory chapter recounts the theoretical reflection that has been made on the theme of the contemporary city within the Smart City 4.0 Sustainable Lab. It also describes a multidisciplinary research method through the activation of a dialogue on four levels: disciplines, research, city and territory.
Dario Costi
Glossary of Contemporary City Terms. A Critical Selection of Definitions in the Literature Towards the City of People 4.0
The drafting of a Glossary of Terms for the Contemporary City stems from the need, perceived by the Scientific Committee of the Smart City 4.0 Sustainable Lab, to collect, catalogue and critically analyse the vast semantic spectrum of concepts and terms used in the literature to describe city development, organisation and control models from the start of the 21st century to the present day.
Federico Diodato, Andrea Fanfoni, Emanuele Ortolan
Smart City or Wise Town? Conversations on the City of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Smart City 4.0 Sustainable LAB identified a number of internationally recognised experts who have studied and are studying city issues from very different perspectives. They were asked various questions, some of them common, that question them on the role of technology, the meaning of the Smart City and the possibility that beyond the fast city promised by the Smart City, there could be a Wise Town, i.e. a slow and reflective city, attentive to social relations.
Contributions come from civil economist Stefano Zamagni, media sociologist Derrick De Kerckhove, autonomous driving expert Alberto Broggi, constitutional jurist Giovanni Maria Flick and philosopher Sebastién Marot, who have accepted this invitation and provided very valuable insights for the research that the laboratory is conducting on the critical-cultural foundations of the contemporary city.
Dario Costi, Federico Diodato, Andrea Fanfoni, Emanuele Ortolan
Research Finding and Directions Identified by the Smart City 4.0 Sustainable LAB
This chapter contains 11 writings in which the research directions of the cultural souls belonging to the Smart City 4.0 Sustainable LAB are illustrated from very different disciplinary perspectives. These texts provide a starting point for a sustainable development capable of bringing together all disciplines that deal with cities.
Giovanni Leoni, Andrea Borsari, Guya Bertelli, Michele Roda, Dario Costi, Gabriele Lelli, Carlo Alberto Nucci, Roberto Menozzi, Gianluigi Ferrari, Sergio Duretti, Francesco Leali, Francesco Pasquale, Marko Bertogna
Smart City: A Critical Assessment
Dario Costi
Giovanni Leoni
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