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Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization

Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization OnlineFirst articles

02-06-2020 | Research Paper

Design for additive manufacturing: 3D simultaneous topology and build orientation optimization

The primary driver for technological advancement in design methods is increasing part performance and reducing manufacturing cost. Design optimization tools, such as topology optimization, provide a mathematical approach to generate efficient and …

31-05-2020 | Research Paper Open Access

CSG: A new stochastic gradient method for the efficient solution of structural optimization problems with infinitely many state problems

This paper presents a novel method for the solution of a particular class of structural optimzation problems: the continuous stochastic gradient method (CSG). In the simplest case, we assume that the objective function is given as an integral of a …

29-05-2020 | Research Paper Open Access

Multidisciplinary multi-objective design optimization of an active morphing wing section

Design and optimization of morphing wings are of current research interest as they promise increasing efficiency and flexibility of future aircraft. A challenging task is to find structural layouts of morphing wings that enable aerodynamically …

28-05-2020 | Research Paper Open Access

Topology optimization for designing periodic microstructures based on finite strain viscoplasticity

This paper presents a topology optimization framework for designing periodic viscoplastic microstructures under finite deformation. To demonstrate the framework, microstructures with tailored macroscopic mechanical properties, e.g., maximum …

28-05-2020 | Research Paper

A generalized hierarchical co-Kriging model for multi-fidelity data fusion

Multi-fidelity (MF) surrogate models have shown great potential in simulation-based design since they can make a trade-off between high prediction accuracy and low computational cost by augmenting the small number of expensive high-fidelity (HF) …

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About this journal

Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization

· explores a wide range of topics dealing with optimization in solid (structural) and fluid mechanics (including CFD)

· covers multidisciplinary optimization when one discipline deals with structures or fluids

· examines closely related fields that are relevant to structural or fluid optimization

· is the official journal of the International Society of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (ISSMO)

The journal’s scope ranges from mathematical foundations of the field to algorithm and software development, and from benchmark examples to case studies of practical applications in structural, aero-space, mechanical, civil, chemical, naval and bio-engineering.

Fields such as computer-aided design and manufacturing, reliability analysis, artificial intelligence, system identification and modeling, inverse processes, computer simulation, bio-mechanics, bio-medical applications, nano-technology, MEMS, optics, chemical processes, computational biology, meta-modeling, DOE and active control of structures are covered when the topic is closely related to the optimization of structures or fluids.

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