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The Journal of Economic Inequality

Issue 4/2021

Content (14 Articles)

Open Access

Urban poverty: Measurement theory and evidence from American cities

Francesco Andreoli, Mauro Mussini, Vincenzo Prete, Claudio Zoli

Open Access

Estimating intergenerational income mobility on sub-optimal data: a machine learning approach

Francesco Bloise, Paolo Brunori, Patrizio Piraino

Open Access

Asset bubbles in explaining top income shares

Saikat Sarkar, Matti Tuomala

Inequality, perception biases and trust

Markus Knell, Helmut Stix

Open Access

The immigrant-native wage gap in Germany revisited

Kai Ingwersen, Stephan L. Thomsen

Open Access

Income-dependent equivalence scales: A fresh look at German micro-data

Jan Marvin Garbuszus, Notburga Ott, Sebastian Pehle, Martin Werding

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