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Wireless Personal Communications

Wireless Personal Communications 1/2021

Issue 1/2021

Table of Contents ( 46 Articles )

06-06-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Performance Analysis of Satellite-Terrestrial Network of Weibull Fading Channel

Tao Teng, Xiangbin Yu, Minglu Li, Guangying Wang

24-01-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Optimised with Secure Approach in Detecting and Isolation of Malicious Nodes in MANET

R. Thiagarajan, R. Ganesan, V. Anbarasu, M. Baskar, K. Arthi, J. Ramkumar

29-05-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Reliable Mark-Embedded Algorithm for Verifying Archived/Encrypted Image Contents in Presence Different Attacks with FEC Utilizing Consideration

Sabry S. Nassar, Osama S. Faragallah, Mohsen A. M. El-Bendary

15-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

EMSNDP: Energy Minimized Optimal Zone Selection of Sensor Network to Build the Data Path for IoTN

Prophess Raj Kumar Nalluri, Josemin Bala Gnanadhas

19-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

On Threats to the 5G Service Based Architecture

Geir M. Køien

02-03-2021 | Issue 1/2021

HRDSS-WMSN: A Multi-objective Function for Optimal Routing Protocol in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks using Hybrid Red Deer Salp Swarm algorithm

S. Ambareesh, A. Neela Madheswari

17-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Towards Data and Computation Offloading in Mobile Cloud Computing: Taxonomy, Overview, and Future Directions

Amir Masoud Rahmani, Mokhtar Mohammadi, Adil Hussein Mohammed, Sarkhel H. Taher Karim, Mohammed Kamal Majeed, Mohammed Masdari, Mehdi Hosseinzadeh

19-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Cross Layer Approach and ANFIS based Optimized Routing in Wireless Multi-Hop Ad Hoc Networks

Amirtharaj S, Sabapathi T, Rathina Prabha N

01-03-2021 | Issue 1/2021

A Survey on Path Planning Techniques for Mobile Sink in IoT-Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks

Vaibhav Agarwal, Shashikala Tapaswi, Prasenjit Chanak

18-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Spatial Based Pilot Allocation (SBPA) in Crowded Massive MIMO Systems

Abolghasem Afshar, Vahid Tabataba Vakili

14-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

BER Performance Using Linear Phase Orthogonal Binary Codes for Multi-users Mobile Communication

Jawdat Alkasassbeh, Aws Al-Qaisi, Ala’ Khalifeh

29-03-2021 | Issue 1/2021

A Study of Deep Learning Combined with Phonetic Models in Foreign Language Teaching

Fei Wen, Yanfeng Yue

19-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

A Review of Indoor Localization Techniques and Wireless Technologies

Huthaifa Obeidat, Wafa Shuaieb, Omar Obeidat, Raed Abd-Alhameed

20-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Compact Bioinspired Antenna for WLAN 5 GHz Application

Paulo F. da Silva Jr., Ewaldo E. C. Santana, Carlos A. M. Cruz, Vivianne S. Aquino, Luís S. O. Castro, Alexandre J. R. Serres, Raimundo C. S. Freire, Paulo H. F. Silva

26-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

SpyChain: A Lightweight Blockchain for Authentication and Anonymous Authorization in IoD

Nitish Andola, Raghav, Vijay Kumar Yadav, S. Venkatesan, Shekhar Verma

18-03-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Cooperative Diverse Opportunistic Network Coding for Wireless Networks

Yousef Qassim, Mario Edgardo Magaña

17-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Improving of Wavelength Division Multiplexing Based on Free Space Optical Communication via Power Comparative System

Mohammed Ali Yaseen, A. K. Abass, Sinan M. Abdulsatar

19-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Multi-hop Energy-Efficient Reliable Cluster-based Sectoring Scheme Using Markov Chain Model to Improve QoS Parameters in a WSN

Dhanashri Narayan Wategaonkar, S. V. Nagaraj, T. R. Reshmi

29-03-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Pilot-Aided Channel Estimation for Massive MIMO Systems in TDD-mode Using Walsh-Hadamard Transformed Subsampled Data at the Base Station

Yichuan Tian, Mario E. Magaña

04-03-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Design and Validation of Wearable Smartphone Based Wireless Cardiac Activity Monitoring Sensor

Mandeep Singh, Gurmohan Singh, Jaspal Singh, Yadwinder Kumar

18-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

A Study on Various Technologies to Solve the Routing Problem in Internet of Vehicles (IoV)

Tanuja Kayarga, S. Ananda Kumar

26-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

A Matrix Translation and Elliptic Curve Based Cryptosystem for Secured Data Communications in WSNs

S. Pradeep, S. Muthurajkumar, Sannasi Ganapathy, A. Kannan

03-03-2021 | Issue 1/2021

An Introduction to Neural Networks in SCMA

Madhura Kanzarkar, M. S. S. Rukmini, Rajeshree Raut

27-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

A Scalable and Utility Driven Profit Maximized Auction of Resources Model for Cloudlet Based Mobile Edge Computing

Santosh Kumar Yadav, Rakesh Kumar

23-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Effect of Noise on Pandemic Structure for Proliferation of Malevolent Nodes in Remote Sensor Network

V. Madhusudanan, M. N. Srinivas, S. Sridhar

17-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Cluster Head Selection in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network Using a New Evolutionary Algorithm

Sumika Chauhan, Manmohan Singh, Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal

18-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Angle Domain Massive MIMO-OFDMA Using a Scalar Channel Estimate

Santosh Nagaraj

13-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Performance of MIMO-UWB for LOS and N-LOS Propagation

Avireni Bhargav, Arun Kumar

13-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Thinned 8 × 8 Planar Antenna Array with Reduced Side Lobe Levels for 5G Applications

Prachi Gupta, Vishal Gupta

19-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

On Architecture of Self-Sustainable Wearable Sensor Node for IoT Healthcare Applications

Saeed Mohsen, Abdelhalim Zekry, Khaled Youssef, Mohamed Abouelatta

17-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

IRH-OF: A New Objective Function for RPL Routing Protocol in IoT Applications

Abdelhadi Eloudrhiri Hassani, Aicha Sahel, Abdelmajid Badri

20-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Energy Efficiency Optimization for Massive MIMO Backhaul Networks with Imperfect CSI and Full Duplex Small Cells

S. Rajoria, A. Trivedi, W. W. Godfrey

25-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

An Efficient 2.45 GHz Spiral Rectenna Without a Matching Circuit for RF Energy Harvesting

Deborah Sabhan, Victor Jaya Nesamoni, Jayanthy Thangappan

11-03-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Privacy-Preserving Key Agreement Protocol for Fog Computing Supported Internet of Things Environment

Saurabh Rana, Dheerendra Mishra, Riya Arora

20-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

A New Technique for Incorporating RLL Properties into 5G LDPC Codes Without Additional Redundancy

Peter Farkaš, Martin Rakús, Tomáš Páleník

16-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Modulation Classification of MFSK Modulated Signals Using Spectral Centroid

Burcu Baris, M. Emre Cek, Damla Gurkan Kuntalp

02-03-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Low Mutual Coupling of Microstrip Antenna Array Integrated with Dollar Shaped Resonator

Santimoy Mandal, Chandan Kumar Ghosh

20-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Resource Scalability and Security Using Entropy Based Adaptive Krill Herd Optimization for Auto Scaling in Cloud

Anver Shahabdeen Rahumath, Mohanasundaram Natarajan, Abdul Rahiman Malangai

21-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks

Sathyapriya Loganathan, Jawahar Arumugam

17-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Improving Target Detection Ability Based on Time Invariant and Dot-Shape Beamforming in TMRC-FDA-MIMO Radar

Wei Chu, Yunqing Liu, Xiaolong Li, Yue Zhao, Qiong Zhang, Fei Yan

18-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

A Low-Complexity MAP–SIC Detector for Massive MIMO Systems

Hongzhi Wang, Xin Miao, Qingxue Liu

19-03-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Cellular Automata based Cryptography Model for Reliable Encryption Using State Transition in Wireless Network Optimizing Data Security

Ayan Banerjee, Anirban Kundu

23-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021

A Modified Imperialist Competitive Algorithm for Spoofing Attack Detection in Single-Frequency GPS Receivers

E. Shafiee, M. R. Mosavi, M. Moazedi

03-03-2021 | Issue 1/2021

Sleep Pattern Study with Respect to Binaural Beats Using Sensors and Mobile Application

R. Rishika, Aditya Gupta, Sakshi Sinha, S. Sofana Reka

21-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Antenna Design: Micro Strip Patch for Spectrum Utilization in Cognitive Radio Networks

M. Suresh Chinnathampy, T. Aruna, N. Muthukumaran

31-03-2021 | Correction | Issue 1/2021

Correction to: Antenna Design: Micro Strip Patch for Spectrum Utilization in Cognitive Radio Networks

M. Suresh Chinnathampy, T. Aruna, N. Muthukumaran

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