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Wireless Personal Communications

Wireless Personal Communications 3/2020

Issue 3/2020

Table of Contents ( 35 Articles )

03-02-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Nakagami-m Fading Affected Multiuser Cognitive Radio System Design Using Moth Flame Optimization

Kiranjot Kaur, Munish Rattan, Manjeet Singh Patterh

08-04-2020 | Issue 3/2020

A Novel Trust-Based Privacy Preservation Framework for Service Handling via Ontology Service Ranking

A. M. Hema, K. Kuppusamy

10-02-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Image Encryption and Cluster Based Framework for Secured Image Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks

Jayanthi Ramasamy, John Singh Kumaresan

28-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

A Comparison of the Performance Indices of Embedded EZ-Source Inverter Using Different PWM Techniques

P. Kannan, S. Arockia Edwin Xavier

25-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

A Survey on Architecture, Protocols and Challenges in IoT

C. C. Sobin

28-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

An Energy Efficient OFDM–MIMO Systems for Multimedia Data Transmission Based on Hybrid Fuzzy Approach

Preeti Sharma, Devi Charan Dhubkarya

22-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

A Global Optimal Model for Protecting Privacy

Xinyu Liang, Yajun Guo, Yimin Guo

22-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

LSTR: Lightweight and Secure Tree-Based Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks

Khaled Hamouid, Salwa Othmen, Amine Barkat

27-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Per-Antenna Power Constrained Transceiver Design for MIMO Multisource and Multidestination Amplify-and-Forward Relay Systems

Joonwoo Shin

27-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Fuzzy-Based Secure Authentication and Clustering Algorithm for Improving the Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks

C. Sureshkumar, S. Sabena

29-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Physical Layer Security for Wireless Powered Massive MIMO Decode and Forward Relay Systems with Hardware Impairments: Performance Analysis

Kaustubh Ranjan Singh, Aditya Trivedi

23-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Towards the Shifting of 5G Front Haul Traffic on Passive Optical Network

Syed Saeed Jaffer, Ashiq Hussain, Muhammad Ali Qureshi, Wasim Shahid Khawaja

24-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Detection of Heart Valves Closure Instants in Phonocardiogram Signals

A. Had, K. Sabri, M. Aoutoul

21-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Design and Analysis of MIMO Antenna with High Isolation and Dual Notched Band Characteristics for Wireless Applications

Manish Sharma

23-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

A Cross Layer Design and Flower Pollination Optimization Algorithm for Secured Energy Efficient Framework in Wireless Sensor Network

S. Subashini, P. Mathiyalagan

29-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Enhancing VANETs Broadcasting Performance with Mobility Prediction for Smart Road

Abir Mchergui, Tarek Moulahi, Mohamed Tahar Ben Othman, Salem Nasri

04-02-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Mitigating Pilot Contamination for Channel Estimation in Multi-cell Massive MIMO Systems

Adeeb Salh, Lukman Audah, Nor Shahida Mohd Shah, Shipun Anuar Hamzah

24-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Modeling and Performance Analysis of Cognitive Radio Networks Using Stochastic Timed Colored Petri Nets

Djamila Boukredera, Karima Adel-Aissanou

22-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Multi-criteria-Based Mobile Hotspot Selection in IoT-Based Highly Dense Network

Farhan Jamil, Farrukh Zeeshan Khan

21-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

On Exploiting Dynamic Trusted Routing Scheme in Delay Tolerant Networks

Vandana Juyal, Ravish Saggar, Nitin Pandey

31-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Resource Allocation Strategy of SWIPT Relay Under General Interference

Jianxiong Li, Ke Zhao, Xuelong Ding, Weiguang Shi

24-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Detection of Low-Rate Cloud DDoS Attacks in Frequency Domain Using Fast Hartley Transform

Neha Agrawal, Shashikala Tapaswi

23-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Graphics Forgery Detection in Video

Harpreet Kaur, Neeru Jindal

23-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Lifetime Enhancement of a WSN Through Duty Cycle in an Aggregation Based Cooperative MIMO Framework

Sarah Asheer, Sanjeet Kumar

22-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Reconfigurable Patch Antenna Design Using Pin Diodes and Raspberry PI for Portable Device Application

Kadam Rekha Shashikant, Anju Kulkarni

29-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Secure Coronas Based Zone Clustering and Routing Model for Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks

M. Revanesh, V. Sridhar, John M. Acken

06-02-2020 | Issue 3/2020

A Dominance of the Channel Capacity in Load Balancing of Software Defined Network

Vivek Srivastava, Ravi Shankar Pandey

24-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Privacy Preserving Jaccard Similarity by Cloud-Assisted for Classification

Tho Thi Ngoc Le, Tran Viet Xuan Phuong

29-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Hybrid Wireless Sensors Deployment Scheme with Connectivity and Coverage Maintaining in Wireless Sensor Networks

Arouna Ndam Njoya, Ado Adamou Abba Ari, Marah Nana Awa, Chafiq Titouna, Nabila Labraoui, Joseph Yves Effa, Wahabou Abdou, Abdelhak Gueroui

31-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Key Predistribution Schemes Based on Orthogonal Arrays with Unique Hamming Distance Distribution

Shanqi Pang, Yongmei Li, Qiang Gao, Yifan Xia, Xianchao Hu

25-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Lightweight Cryptography: A Solution to Secure IoT

Sumit Singh Dhanda, Brahmjit Singh, Poonam Jindal

23-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Performance Analysis of Different Channel Allocation Schemes of Random Access (RA) MAC Protocol with Back-Off Algorithm (BOA)

Abeer Al Attal, Saleh Hussin, Mohamed Fouad

21-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Intelligent Agent-Based Assessment of a Resilient Multi-hop Routing Protocol for Dynamic WSN

Tomás de J. Mateo Sanguino, Eduardo Navarro Lozano, Manuel Sánchez Alcántara

25-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

SH-IDS: Specification Heuristics Based Intrusion Detection System for IoT Networks

M. Jagadeesh Babu, A. Raji Reddy

29-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Mutual Coupling Reduction of Microstrip MIMO Antenna Using Microstrip Resonator

Chandan Kumar Ghosh, Manish Pratap, Rahul Kumar, Saurabh Pratap

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