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Advances in Manufacturing

Advances in Manufacturing 4/2014

Issue 4/2014

Table of Contents ( 10 Articles )

01-12-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Novel AR-based interface for human-robot interaction and visualization

H. C. Fang, S. K. Ong, A. Y. C. Nee

01-12-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Virtual engineering in design and manufacturing

Hirpa G. Lemu

01-12-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Kinematic analysis and simulation of a new-type robot with special structure

Shuai Guo, Hua-Wei Li, Jian-Cheng Ji, Zhi-Fa Ming

01-12-2014 | Issue 4/2014

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Effects of roller burnishing process parameters on surface roughness of A356/5%SiC composite using response surface methodology

Shashi Prakash Dwivedi, Satpal Sharma, Raghvendra Kumar Mishra

01-12-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Integrated color defect detection method for polysilicon wafers using machine vision

Zai-Fang Zhang, Yuan Liu, Xiao-Song Wu, Shu-Lin Kan

01-12-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Fabrication method of ultra-small gradient-index fiber probe

Chi Wang, Fang Zhang, Shu-Bo Bi, Xue-Qin Xia, Ting-Ting Xu

01-12-2014 | Issue 4/2014

A synchronized strategy to minimize vehicle dispatching time: a real example of steel industry

K. R. Zuting, P. Mohapatra, Y. Daultani, M. K. Tiwari

01-12-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Modeling and simulation of percussive impact for robotic riveting system

Shuai Guo, Song-Liang Nie, Feng-Feng Xi, Tao Song

01-12-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Crystal structure and formation mechanism of the secondary phase in Heusler Ni-Mn-Sn-Co materials

Jin-Ke Yu, Hong-Wei Li, Qi-Jie Zhai, Jian-Xun Fu, Zhi-Ping Luo, Hong-Xing Zheng

01-12-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Review of the first principles calculations and the design of cathode materials for Li-ion batteries

Liu-Ming Yan, Jun-Ming Su, Chao Sun, Bao-Hua Yue

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