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Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery 2/2017

Issue 2/2017

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

27-07-2016 | Original Article | Issue 2/2017

Pulsed fed-batch strategy towards intensified process for lactic acid production using recycled paper sludge

S. Marques, F. M. Gírio, J. A. L. Santos, J. C. Roseiro

16-08-2016 | Original Article | Issue 2/2017

Optimizing GHG emission and energy-saving performance of miscanthus-based value chains

Florian Meyer, Moritz Wagner, Iris Lewandowski

11-08-2016 | Original Article | Issue 2/2017 Open Access

Development and experimental validation of a water gas shift kinetic model for Fe-/Cr-based catalysts processing product gas from biomass steam gasification

Michael Kraussler, Hermann Hofbauer

09-10-2016 | Original Article | Issue 2/2017

Comparative biochemical methane potential of some varieties of residual banana biomass and renewable energy potential

Florent Awedem Wobiwo, Thomas Happi Emaga, Elie Fokou, Maurice Boda, Sebastien Gillet, Magali Deleu, Aurore Richel, Patrick A. Gerin

07-09-2016 | Original Article | Issue 2/2017

Pilot-scale pretreatments of sugarcane bagasse with steam explosion and mineral acid, organic acid, and mixed acids: synergies, enzymatic hydrolysis efficiencies, and structure-morphology correlations

Siddhartha Pal, Shereena Joy, Pramod Kumbhar, Kalpana D. Trimukhe, Rishi Gupta, Ramesh C. Kuhad, Anjani J. Varma, Sasisanker Padmanabhan

16-08-2016 | Original Article | Issue 2/2017

Bioethanol production from Eucalyptus grandis hemicellulose recovered before kraft pulping using an integrated biorefinery concept

Mairan D. Guigou, Florencia Cebreiros, María N. Cabrera, Mario D. Ferrari, Claudia Lareo

08-11-2016 | Original Article | Issue 2/2017

Bioconversion of soybean and rice hull hydrolysates into ethanol and xylitol by furaldehyde-tolerant strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Wickerhamomyces anomalus, and their cofermentations

Nicole Teixeira Sehnem, Lilian Raquel Hickert, Fernanda da Cunha-Pereira, Marcos Antonio de Morais Jr, Marco Antônio Záchia Ayub

07-11-2016 | Original Article | Issue 2/2017

Moisture effect on fluidization behavior of loblolly pine Wood grinds

G Olatunde., O Fasina., T McDonald., S Adhikari., S Duke.

01-12-2016 | Original Article | Issue 2/2017

The nutritional aspects of biorefined Saccharina latissima, Ascophyllum nodosum and Palmaria palmata

Peter Schiener, Sufen Zhao, Katerina Theodoridou, Manus Carey, Karen Mooney-McAuley, Chris Greenwell

24-01-2017 | Original Article | Issue 2/2017

Pyrolysis kinetics of Sal (Shorea robusta) seeds

Ranjan R. Pradhan, Pragyan P. Garnaik, Bharat Regmi, Bandita Dash, Animesh Dutta

10-02-2017 | Review Article | Issue 2/2017

Pretreatment technologies of lignocellulosic biomass in water in view of furfural and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural production- A review

David Steinbach, Andrea Kruse, Jörg Sauer

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