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Issue 6/2008

Content (11 Articles)


Commentary on the alleged “irregularities” in APT spectra of imidazolium-based ionic liquids

Gerald Ebner, Andreas Hofinger, Lothar Brecker, Thomas Rosenau

New approach to unravel the structure–property relationship of methylcellulose

Hiroshi Kamitakahara, Arata Yoshinaga, Hajime Aono, Fumiaki Nakatsubo, Dieter Klemm, Walther Burchard

Iron gall ink-induced corrosion of cellulose: aging, degradation and stabilization. Part 2: application on historic sample material

Ute Henniges, Rebecca Reibke, Gerhard Banik, Enke Huhsmann, Ulrike Hähner, Thomas Prohaska, Antje Potthast

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