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Environmental Management

Issue 1/2023

Climate Resilient Society for the Desired Sustainable Futures in Africa

Content (17 Articles)

Dynamics of Land Management and Implications on Pastoral Livelihoods in Northern Tanzania

Pius Zebhe Yanda, Edmund Mabhuye, Anselm Mwajombe, Namkunda Johnson, Lucas Elius Yamat

Tracking Pathways to Recovery from Climate Shocks and Resilience Enhancement

Pius Z. Yanda, Edmund B. Mabhuye, Anselm R. Mwajombe, Sixbert J. Msambichaka

Understorey Seedling Bank in Forest Areas with a Differing Period of Recovery in Mabira Central Forest Reserve, South Central Uganda

Josephine Esaete, Vincent B. Muwanika, Rogers Musiba, Christopher Mawa, John R. S. Tabuti

Gender Perspectives of Responses to Climate Variability and Change among Farm Households in Southeast Nigeria

Onyinyechi Ifeanyi Nnadi, James Lyimo, Emma Liwenga, Michael C. Madukwe

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