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Eurasian Business Review

Issue 1/2024

Content (9 Articles)

Open Access Regular Article

The effects of product and process innovation on employment: a meta-regression analysis

Guillermo Arenas Díaz, Alex J. Guerrero, Joost Heijs

Open Access Regular Article

Earth Observation data, innovation and economic performance: a study of the downstream sector in Italy

Veronica Lupi, Valentina Morretta, Lorenzo Zirulia

Open Access Regular Article

ESG-driven innovation strategy and firm performance

Goretti Cabaleiro-Cerviño, Pedro Mendi

Regular Article

Firm value, ownership structure, and strategic approaches to ESG activities

Hyun-Jung Nam, Mehmet Huseyin Bilgin, Doojin Ryu

Open Access Regular Article

Local versus national banking development in Europe: who is the winner?

Francesco Fasano, Maurizio La Rocca

Open Access Regular Article

Are self-sacrificing employees liked by their supervisor?

Belén Bande, Takuma Kimura, Pilar Fernández-Ferrín, Sandra Castro-González, Abhishek Goel