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Eurasian Business Review

A Journal in Industrial Organization, Innovation and Management Science

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26-06-2018 | Regular Article

Perceived organizational climate and whistleblowing intention in academic organizations: evidence from Selçuk University (Turkey)

This paper investigates the relationship between organizational climate drivers and whistleblowing intention through a cross-sectional study in Selçuk University in Turkey. Contrary to our expectations, the findings do not fully support the …

13-06-2018 | Regular Article

Money back guarantee? A cost–benefit framework of performance-based agreements (PBAs) for the reimbursement of pharmaceuticals

The aim of this paper is to provide an empirical framework based on a discrete-time Markov chain to assess the costs and benefits of Performance Based Agreements (PBAs) for the reimbursement of pharmaceuticals. We provide an empirical testing …

21-05-2018 | Regular Article Open Access

Recognition of relational strategy content: insight from the managers’ view

The paper aims to recognize how managers perceive a firm’s relational strategy content by identification of strategic choices made within it. The paper presents theoretical assumptions of the relational view of strategy based on identified …

30-04-2018 | Regular Article

Product success implications of distant innovative knowledge

Knowledge is a key factor of product innovation. While there are typical internal sets of knowledge within the firm’s industry scope, there are external sources of knowledge, namely, distant sources of knowledge. In this paper, we use the …

17-03-2018 | Regular Article

How does national culture affect corporate risk-taking?

The aim of this paper is to analyse the effects of national culture and formal institutions on corporate risk-taking. By applying panel data techniques for a sample of large quoted firms from 35 countries over the period of 2007–2014, we document …

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The Eurasian Business Review (EABR) publishes peer-reviewed evidence-based research articles in Management Science and Applied Economics.

In particular, EABR is committed to publishing empirical or theoretical articles which provide significant contributions in the fields of industrial economics, business economics, the economics and management of innovation, competition policy and antitrust, corporate governance, organizational change, finance, entrepreneurship, strategic management, accounting, marketing, human resources management, and information systems.

While the main focus of EABR is on Europe and Asia, papers in the fields listed above on any region or country are highly encouraged. Manuscripts should not exceed 20 pages (450 words per page). This page limit includes all figures, tables, appendices and references.

The Eurasian Business Review is one of the two official journals of the Eurasia Business and Economics Society (EBES) and is published thrice a year.


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