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07-11-2019 | Regular Article

Determinants of outsourced internal audit function: a further analysis

The aim of this study is to investigate how the board of directors, audit committee (AC), external auditor and management explain the outsourced internal audit function (IAF) practice. Although prior studies provide some insights into the …

26-10-2019 | Regular Article

Board gender diversity, competitive pressure and investment efficiency in Chinese private firms

This study investigates the impact of female directors (FDs) on investment efficiency in a competitive environment. Considering Chinese market, where corporate governance practices are weaker than other developed countries and empirical evidence …

11-10-2019 | Regular Article

Gender income gap in rural informal micro-enterprises: an unconditional quantile decomposition approach in the handloom industry

Based on primary data, the present study analyzes the gender income gap and its compositions throughout the income distribution of the handloom micro-entrepreneurs in Assam. The unconditional quantile decomposition reveals the existence of …

04-10-2019 | Regular Article

Merger waves: are buyers following the herd or responding to structural queues?

While there has been a significant amount of research covering the causes of merger waves, few papers have rank ordered merger waves based on the causes nor sought to determine which rationale leads to higher bidder payouts. This paper seeks to …

27-09-2019 | Regular Article

Factors influencing SME owners’ continuance intention in Bangladesh: a logistic regression model

The purpose of this paper is to identify the critical determinants of Bangladeshi small and medium-sized enterprises’ intention to continue their business. 1724 business owners participated as respondents in this survey. Using logistic regression …

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The Eurasian Business Review (EABR) publishes peer-reviewed evidence-based research articles in Management Science and Applied Economics.

In particular, EABR is committed to publishing empirical or theoretical articles which provide significant contributions in the fields of industrial economics, business economics, the economics and management of innovation, competition policy and antitrust, corporate governance, organizational change, finance, entrepreneurship, strategic management, accounting, marketing, human resources management, and information systems.

While the main focus of EABR is on Europe and Asia, papers in the fields listed above on any region or country are highly encouraged. Manuscripts should not exceed 20 pages (450 words per page). This page limit includes all figures, tables, appendices and references.

The Eurasian Business Review is one of the two official journals of the Eurasia Business and Economics Society (EBES) and is published thrice a year.


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