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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 4/2010

Issue 4/2010

Special Issue: Bigglestone Award – A 25th Anniversary Retrospective; Guest Editor: Kathleen Almand

Table of Contents ( 8 Articles )

01-10-2010 | Editorial | Issue 4/2010

Special Anniversary Issue: Harry C. Bigglestone Award for Excellence in Communication of Fire Protection Concepts: Retrospective

Kathleen H. Almand, John M. Watts Jr.

01-10-2010 | Issue 4/2010

Interactions Between Human Behaviour and Technology: Implications for Fire Safety Science

D. Bruck, I. Thomas

01-10-2010 | Issue 4/2010

Revisiting Our 1991 Paper on Fire Risk Assessment

John R. Hall Jr., Ai Sekizawa

01-10-2010 | Issue 4/2010

Fire Detection in Computer Facilities: 25 Years On

Peter F. Johnson

01-10-2010 | Issue 4/2010

Transmission Through and Breakage of Single and Multi-Pane Glazing Due to Radiant Exposure: State of Research

Michael S. Klassen, Jason A. Sutula, Maclain M. Holton, Richard J. Roby

01-10-2010 | Issue 4/2010

A Heat Transfer Model for Firefighters’ Protective Clothing, Continued Developments in Protective Clothing Modeling

James R. Lawson, William E. Mell, Kuldeep Prasad

01-10-2010 | Issue 4/2010

The Behavior of Liquid Fuel on Carpet (Porous Media): A Case for the Inclusion of Science in Fire Investigation

Stephen M. Olenick, Michael S. Klassen, Richard J. Roby, Tingguang Ma, Jose L. Torero

01-10-2010 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2010

Performance of Different Temperature Sensors in Standard Fire Resistance Test Furnaces

Mohamed A. Sultan

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