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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 6/2015

Issue 6/2015

Special Issue on Timber in Fire

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

01-11-2015 | Editorial | Issue 6/2015

Special Issue on Timber in Fire

Luke A. Bisby, Andrea Frangi

01-11-2015 | Letter to the Editor | Issue 6/2015

Tall Timber Buildings: What’s Next in Fire Safety ?

David Barber

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

The Reduced Cross-Section Method for Evaluation of the Fire Resistance of Timber Members: Discussion and Determination of the Zero-Strength Layer

Joachim Schmid, Alar Just, Michael Klippel, Massimo Fragiacomo

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

The Reduced Cross Section Method Applied to Glulam Timber Exposed to Non-standard Fire Curves

David Lange, Lars Boström, Joachim Schmid, Joakim Albrektsson

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Behaviour of Loaded Cross-Laminated Timber Wall Elements in Fire Conditions

Joachim Schmid, Agnese Menis, Massimo Fragiacomo, Isaia Clemente, Giovanna Bochicchio

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Fire Resistance of Wood Truss Floor Assemblies

Mohamed A. Sultan

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Performance of Timber Connections Exposed to Fire: A Review

C. Maraveas, K. Miamis, Ch. E. Matthaiou

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Heat Induced Desorption of Moisture in Timber Joints with Fastener During Charring

Marjan Sedighi Gilani, Erich Hugi, Stephan Carl, Pedro Palma, Peter Vontobel

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Experimental Study of Combustible and Non-combustible Construction in a Natural Fire

Xiao Li, Xia Zhang, George Hadjisophocleous, Cameron McGregor

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Fire Protection Ability of Wood Coverings

Birgit Östman, Lars Boström

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Fire Scenarios for Multi-storey Façades with Emphasis on Full-Scale Testing of Wooden Façades

Birgit Östman, Lazaros Tsantaridis

01-11-2015 | Book Review | Issue 6/2015

Tunnel Fire Dynamics

Haukur Ingason, Ying Zhen Li & Anders Lönnermark. Springer, New York, 2015. 504 pp, ISBN: 978-1-4939-2198-0
Ricky Carvel

01-11-2015 | Obituary | Issue 6/2015

Sven Erik Magnusson (1938–2014)

Marcus Abrahamsson, Patrick van Hees

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