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Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

Issue 4/2023

Content (22 Articles)

Technical Paper

Weight minimization of truss structures using an improved Harris hawks optimization algorithm

Abbas Khajeh, Alireza Kiani, Mahmoud Seraji, Hadi Dashti


Applications of microbial calcium carbonate precipitation in concrete through denitrification: a review

Radha Kiranmaye Bandlamudi, Jayati Ray Dutta, Arkamitra Kar

Practice-oriented Paper

Self-healing of concrete using bacteria: investigation of the impact of the process’s conditions

Mohanad Hatem Shadhar, Malik M. Mohammed, Mazin Hussien Abdullah, A. H. Shather, Hayder A. Alalwan

Technical Paper

Influence of sill integration in labyrinth sluice gate hydraulic performance

Rasoul Daneshfaraz, Reza Norouzi, Parisa Ebadzadeh, Alban Kuriqi

Practice-oriented Paper

Innovative soft computing techniques including artificial neural network and nonlinear regression models to predict the compressive strength of environmentally friendly concrete incorporating waste glass powder

Soran Abdrahman Ahmad, Serwan Khwrshed Rafiq, Hemn Unis Ahmed, Alan Saeed Abdulrahman, Amir Mohammad Ramezanianpour

Technical Paper

The undrained vertical bearing capacity of skirted foundations located on slopes using finite element limit analysis

Moein Mohammadizadeh, Bahram Nadi, Alborz Hajiannia, Elham Mahmoudi

Technical Paper

Waste to valuable resource: application of copper slag and steel slag in concrete with reduced carbon dioxide emissions

Ipsita Mohanty, Purnachandra Saha, Sumriti Ranjan Patra, Sachin Kumar Jha

Practice-oriented Paper

Microstructural and Cantabro loss studies on self-healing concrete with crushed stone sand, Bacillus subtilis bacteria and calcium lactate

C. Venkata Siva Rama Prasad, T. V. S. Vara Lakshmi, G. Sree Lakshmi Devi

Technical Paper

Performance of axially loaded defective pile groups in sand: capacity and serviceability evaluation

Abdalla Elhadi Alhashmi, M. Hesham El Naggar, Fadi Oudah

Practice-oriented Paper

Utilization of some industrial wastes and bitumen for the fabrication of waterproofing and anti-radiation membranes

Abdallah Mohamed Saber, Rabie S. Farag, Mahmoud Gharieb, Mohamed E. Sultan, Esmat M. A. Hamzawy

Technical Paper

An experimental investigation on the characteristics of tension lap splice in UHPFRC beams

Hamed S. Askar, Amal H. Mohamed, Ahmed M. Tahwia, Waleed E. El-Demerdash

Technical Paper

Evaluation of the feasibility of treated waste glass as aggregate in asphalt mixture

D. M. Kusumawardani, Y. D. Wong, M. A. Lwin, T. Z. Myo

Technical Paper

Reinforcing masonry products through cellulosic fiber and agro waste material: characterization and microstructure

Arun Murugesan, Abdul Aleem Mohamed Ismail, Deepasree Srinivasan