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Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

Issue 11/2023

Content (29 Articles)

Technical Paper

A detailed laboratory investigation on evolving the mix design of roller compacted concrete containing RAP aggregates and SCMs

Pranav Sharma, Shashi Kant Sharma, Dadi Rambabu, Basireddy Sai Prathap Reddy

State-of-the-Art Paper

Effect of sulfur on the asphalt cement and asphalt concrete mixture: state of the art

Taisir Khedaywi, Madhar Haddad, Randa Mujalli, Shareef Shareef

Open Access Technical Paper

The impact of using natural waste biopolymer cement on the properties of traditional/fibrous concrete

Sameh Yehia, Arafa M. Ibrahim, Doaa F. Ahmed

Open Access Practice-oriented Paper

Differential scanning calorimetry of aluminium EN AB-42000 alloy rheocasting semi-solid in different stage heating rates

Kawan M. Abdulrahman, Viktor Gonda, Mihály Réger

Technical Paper

A systematic approach for rework reduction in precast buildings in India

Pravin Minde, Mrudula Kulkarni, Abhaysinha G. Shelake, Omkar Jadhav, Rahul Dandage

Open Access Technical Paper

Multi-criteria decision support system for bridge construction system selection utilizing value engineering and TOPSIS

Alaa ElMarkaby, Abdelmonem Sanad, Ahmed Elyamany, Ebtisam Yehia

Open Access Technical Paper

Optimizing characteristics of high-performance concrete incorporating hybrid polypropylene fibers

Ahmed M. Tahwia, Marwa Mokhles, Walid E. Elemam

Technical Paper

Analysis and modelling of crash severity of vulnerable road users through discrete methods: a case study approach

Srinivasa Rao Gandupalli, Purnanandam Kokkeragadda, Mukund R. Dangeti

Technical Paper

Synthesizing the performance of deep learning in vision-based pavement distress detection

Zia U. A. Zihan, Omar Smadi, Miranda Tilberg, Mohamed S. Yamany

Technical Paper

Soft computing techniques to estimate the uniaxial compressive strength of mortar incorporated with cement kiln dust

Ahmed Salih Mohammed, Aso A. Abdalla, Rawaz Kurda, Warzer Sarwar Qadir, Wael Mahmood, Kawan Ghafor

Practice-oriented Paper

Numerical study of design parameters influencing anchored diaphragm walls for deep excavation

Rafi’ M. Sulaiman Al-Ne’aimi, Hind K. Nasir

Technical Paper

Variable curvature pendulum isolator system for seismic isolation of liquid storage tanks

Agrahara Krishnamoorthy, Vasu Bhadania, Maniga Kavyasree, Vandana Prajapati, M. Prasanna Kumar

State-of-the-Art Paper

Settlement and load sharing behavior of piled raft foundation: a review

Dinesh Kumar Malviya, Adnan Ansari, Manojit Samanta

Technical Paper

Unveiling optimal performance of SBS-modified asphalt mixture: crucial impact of elevated storage temperature and duration of binders

SK Sohel Islam, Ayana Ghosh, G. D. Ransinchung R.N, Sham S. Ravindranath

Technical Paper

Performance-based evaluation of reinforced concrete buildings at vertical geometric regularity limit

Karanpal Singh Hardeep Singh Hazuria, Arshad K. Hashmi, L. G. Patil