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Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

Issue 12/2023

Content (25 Articles)

Technical Paper

Analysis of biaxially stressed laminated composite porous plate

Raushan Kumar, Ajay Kumar


Self-curing concrete: a state-of-the-art review

Mahesh Navnath Patil, Shailendrakumar D. Dubey, Hiteshkumar Santosh Patil

State-of-the-Art Paper

Enhancing load-bearing performance of hybrid recycled aggregate concrete-filled columns using SBR, steel fibers and polypropylene fibers

Mustafa M. Khattab, Alyaa H. Mohammed, Hussain Fadhil Hussain, Wameedh Ghassan Abdul-Hussein

Practice-oriented Paper

Evaluation of the compressive strength of polypropylene fiber reinforced high-strength concrete support with AI-based model

Soran Abdrahman Ahmad, Hemn Unis Ahmed, Serwan Khwrshid Rafiq, Dler Ali Ahmad

Technical Paper

Ultimate capacity of granular pile anchors

Eswara Reddy Orekanti, Vidyaranya Bandi, M. R. Madhav

Open Access Technical Paper

Electro-cementation of calcareous sand using colloidal silica (CS) nanoparticles and alumina powder

Nermeen Fouad Ashour, Ashraf Kamal Hussein, Rami Mahmoud El Sherbeeny, Omar Osman Omar, Safwan Abbas Khedr

State-of-the-Art Paper

From waste to resource: utilizing municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash and recycled rubber in pervious concrete pavement

Zeinab Nasser Eddine, Firas Barraj, Jamal Khatib, Adel Elkordi

Open Access Practice-oriented Paper

Enhancing corrosion resistance in reinforced concrete structures by using innovative eco-friendly composite pigments

Walaa M. Abd El-Gawad, Essam A. Mossalam, Mahmoud Gharieb

Retraction Note

Retraction Note: Investigation of bond-slip in reinforced steel rebar using concrete damage-plastic model

Ehsan Araghizadeh, Ramin Tabatabaei Mirhosseini, Soroush Rashidi, Mohsen Malaki Nejad

Technical Paper

Structural behavior of severely corroded RC beams retrofitted with UHPC layer: an experimental study

Rajib Kumar Biswas, Takahiro Saito, Takashi Misawa, Mitsuyasu Iwanami

Case Study

Improving criteria for two-story confined masonry building retrofitted by shear wall

Parisa Sartaji, Abdoreza Sarvghad Moghadam

Technical Paper

Influence of basalt stirrups and bars on the performance of shear in beams

Hamza Mobideen, Nasim Shatarat, Hasan Katkhuda, Yasser Al-Hunaiti, Ahmad A. Al-Qaisia

Open Access Technical Paper

Optimal design and characteristics of sustainable eco-friendly ultra-high-performance concrete

Asmaa A. Mashaly, Mohamed G. Mahdy, Walid E. Elemam

Technical Paper

Behavior of a high-volume fly ash fiber-reinforced cement composite toward magnesium sulfate: a long-term study

H. K. Sugandhini, Gopinatha Nayak, Kiran K. Shetty, Laxman P. Kudva

Open Access Case Study

Nonlinear time-history analysis of the Evolution Tower resting on cellular raft due to earthquake loads

Mohammed Shaaban, Mohamed Naguib Abouelsaad, Salah El Bagalaty, Mohamed E. El Madawy

Technical Paper

Design and simulation of a reuse water system for a houseboat using EPANET

Mohammad Ramezanianpour, Akbar Ali

Technical Paper

Modelling of physical and mechanical properties and adiabatic temperature rise of cement-stabilized macadam

Tao Fu, Junlin Liang, Hongliu Rong, Yanliang Li, Ye Lin

State-of-the-Art Paper

Seismic assessment of an innovative eccentrically braced frame with shape memory alloy

Mehdi Ghassemieh, Amir Reza Ghavami

Technical Paper

Local scouring around perforated bridge abutments for non-cohesive soils

Sina Ghanbarynamin, Amir Reza Zarrati, Mojtaba Karimaei Tabarestani