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Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

Issue 8/2023

Content (21 Articles)

State-of-the-Art Paper

Reuse of plastic waste as building materials to enhance sustainability in construction: a review

Vimal Athithan, Lakshmi Thilagam Natarajan

Technical Paper

Effect of waste ceramic sanitary ware as partial replacement of aggregates and cement in concrete

Shakeel Ahmad, Rehan A. Khan, Saba Shamim, Umesh Chandra

Technical Paper

Applicability of the response surface method in the optimization of compressive strengths of banana-fiber-reinforced concrete using waste glass as partial cement replacement

Oluwole Malomo Olukayode, Abayomi Adewale Akinwande, Oluwatosin Abiodun Balogun, Abiola Oluwasogo Oyediran, Seun Ganiyu Mosuru, Mohanad Yaseen Abdulwahid, Valentin Romanovski

Technical Paper

Potential of waste distorted bricks to produce internally cured concrete under adverse curing conditions

A. T. M. Masum, M. R. Rahman, M. A. Kafi, S. Ghimire, S. Akter, T. Manzur

Technical Paper

Influence of rice husk ash (RHA) with gypsum and ichu fibers in the processing of geopolymers

Sócrates Pedro Muñoz Pérez, Samuel Charca Mamani, Luigui Italo Villena Zapata, Jorge Luis Leiva Piedra, Simon Gonzales Ayasta, Ernesto Dante Rodriguez Lafitte, Fidel Gregorio Aparicio Roque, Omar Coronado Zuloeta

Technical Paper

Experimental and numerical investigation on structural bolts under compression

Md Kamrul Hassan, Bulbul Ahmed, Anmol Ram, Mohamed Ghannam, Swapan Saha

Technical Paper

Laboratory study on leaching to investigate hydro-mechanical properties of gypsiferous soil

Imad Habeeb Obead, Zaid Hameed Majeed, Shahlaa Ali Kadhim

Technical Paper

Seismic response analysis of RC framed buildings on geo-reinforced soil

M. V. Sreya, B. R. Jayalekshmi, Katta Venkataramana

Open Access Technical Paper

Soft computing models for assessing bond performance of reinforcing bars in concrete at high temperatures

Asad S. Albostami, Rwayda Kh. S. Al-Hamd, Saif Alzabeebee

Open Access Technical Paper

Effects of excavation and construction sequence on behavior of existing pile groups

Mohamed G. I. Shaaban, Mamdouh A. Kenawi, Abdel-Aziz A. Senoon, Mostafa A. Abd El-Naiem