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Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

Issue 7/2023

Content (16 Articles)


A comprehensive review on the performance of geopolymer concrete subjected to elevated temperature

Mariam F. Ghazy, Metwally A. Abd Elaty, Mohamed H. Taman, Alaa M. Mehriz

Technical Paper

Sustainable use of silica fume in green cement concrete production: a review

Abotoli K. Chishi, Lilesh Gautam

Technical Paper

Effect of Diss fibers on the mechanical and thermophysical characteristics of unfired clay bricks for use as construction material

Aziz El-Yahyaoui, Imad Manssouri, Yousra Lehleh, Hassane Sahbi, Houssame Limami

Technical Paper

Modeling of COVID-19’s impact on employee’s travel behavior

S. Kanimozhee, Seelam Srikanth

Technical Paper

Effects of Seashell and Lumashell powders on the elevated temperature compressive strength and durability of shell-based concretes

Hamid Reza Bahadori, Amir Ahmad Hedayat, Ali Karbakhsh, Mohsen Mohammadizadeh

Technical Paper

Compressive strength and corrosion behavior of steel bars embedded in concrete produced with ferronickel slag aggregate and fly ash: an experimental study

Rita Irmawaty, Muhammad Akbar Caronge, M. W. Tjaronge, Muhammad Asad Abdurrahman, Syamsul Bahri Ahmad

Practice-oriented Paper

Green synthesis of nano-silica from olivine rock and its impact on the mechanical performance of geopolymer concrete composites

Hemn Unis Ahmed, Rabar H. Faraj, Aso Q. Hassan, Yousif Osman Mohammad, Khalid M. Omer, Ahmed S. Mohammed, Azad A. Mohammed

Practice-oriented Paper

Using screws to increase the bond between Iraqi bamboo and concrete in concrete beams

Wrya Abdullah, Lareen Dlshad, Younis Ali