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Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

Issue 9/2023

Content (30 Articles)

Technical Paper

Engineering properties of mortar with untreated agricultural waste ashes as cement replacement materials

Hakas Prayuda, Fanny Monika, Syafarudin Afdal Passa, Rizky Aulia Lubis, Dian Eksana Wibowo

Technical Paper

Prediction of water quality parameters using support vector regression

Pali Sahu, Shreenivas N. Londhe, Preeti S. Kulkarni


A state-of-the-art review on geopolymer foam concrete with solid waste materials: components, characteristics, and microstructure

Mohamed Abdellatief, Mohamed Abd Elrahman, Hani Alanazi, Aref A. Abadel, Ahmed Tahwia

Technical Paper

Effect of waste plastic polyethylene terephthalate on properties of asphalt cement

Taisir Khedaywi, Madhar Haddad, Hakam Bataineh

Technical Paper

Eco-friendly warm mix asphalt mixtures incorporating electric arc furnace steel slag as substitute to conventional aggregates

G. Shiva Kumar, M. S. Rahul, Suraj S. Jakati, M. Karthik, H. K. Ramaraju

Technical Paper

Effect of compaction on the hydraulic conductivity of granular subbase layers in road pavements

Lakshmana Rao Mantri, V. Vinayaka Ram, Sridhar Raju

Technical Paper

An improved deep learning convolutional neural network for crack detection based on UAV images

Oluwaseun Omoebamije, Tope Moses Omoniyi, Abdullahi Musa, Samson Duna

Technical Paper

Structural behavior of voided reinforced concrete beams having a novel tact bundled waste plastic bottles

Ziadoon M. Ali, Akram S. Mahmoud, Majid S. Mohammed, Mohammed L. Ahmed

Practice-oriented Paper

Recovery and valorization of crushed concrete and glass waste in road construction in Morocco

Noureddine Ouslimane, Hanane Barebita, Mustapha Belfaquir

Open Access Technical Paper

Safety performance evaluation of construction projects in Egypt

Zeinab Abdalfatah, Emad Elbeltagi, Mohammed Abdelshakor

Practice-oriented Paper

Dynamic response of CFST column with in-plane cross reinforcement and partial CFRP wrapping upon contact blast

Rafat Tahzeeb, Mehtab Alam, S. M. Anas, S. M. Muddassir

Technical Paper

Durability properties of treated coconut shell-used concrete for sustainability

T. Thilagashanthi, K. Gunasekaran, K. S. Satyanarayanan

Technical Note

Optimization of the mechanical behavior of polymer composites reinforced with fibers, nanoparticles, and rubbers

Chanachai Thongchom, Thira Jearsiripongkul, Nima Refahati, Peyman Roodgar Saffari, Pouyan Roodgar Saffari, Meysam Nouri Niyaraki, Lili Hu, Suraparb Keawsawasvong

Technical Paper

Mechanical characterization of a gypseous soil: experimental and numerical studies

Bestun J. Shwan, M. Fathollahy, Balen Z. Abdulsamad, Avesta M. Abdollah

State-of-the-Art Paper

A review on structural health monitoring: past to present

Rakesh Katam, Venkata Dilip Kumar Pasupuleti, Prafulla Kalapatapu

Practice-oriented Paper

Thermal stress–strain analysis of CFRP-laminated concrete beam with partial replacement of fine aggregate by PET granules

Bewiket Dereje, Badrinarayan Rath, Khan Gatkuoth, Kabtamu Getachew, T. R. Praveenkumar, Shiferaw Garoma, Dabala Misgana, Adamu Mulatu, Kassahun Kebede, Prabu Velusamy

Technical Paper

Investigation of rutting performance of dense and gap graded recycled asphalt mixtures

G. Bharath, Vijay Kakade, K. S. Reddy, Vivek Tandon, M. Amaranatha Reddy

Technical Paper

Geomechanical characteristics and failure analysis of the limestone slope at Sahastradhara–Chamasari road Dehradun Uttarakhand India

Harinandan Kumar, Nirlipta Priyadarshini Nayak, Ashish Aggarwal, M. Muralidhar Singh