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International Journal of Automotive Technology

Issue 6/2022

Content (25 Articles)

Beam T-junction Model Accuracy Improvement Based on Experimental Modal Analysis

Francisco Badea, JesusAngel Perez, JoseLuis Olazagoitia

Particle Number in Small SI Engine Using Gasoline and LPG as Fuel for Non-road Vehicle

Jinyoung Jang, Youngjin Shin, Ahyun Ko, Yongjin Jung, Youngmin Woo, Chongpyo Cho, Gangchul Kim, Youngdug Pyo, Myunghoon Han

Electric-hydraulic Compound Control Anti-lock Braking System

Feng Yang, Xin Chen, Dong Guo, Mingmao Hu, Ziwen Liao, Zhongcheng Fu, Qingshan Gong

Model-based NH3 Adaptation Method for SCR Control

Tiantian Wang, Zhichao Huang, Xuwei Luo, Jie Hu, Zhi Wang, Yayu Cheng

Effect of Ambient and Tyre Temperature on Truck Tyre Rolling Resistance

Jukka Hyttinen, Matthias Ussner, Rickard Österlöf, Jenny Jerrelind, Lars Drugge

Platooning and Base Flaps for Drag Reduction of Trucks

Christian Navid Nayeri, Hanns-Joachim Schmidt

Adaptive Energy Management Strategy of Fuel Cell Sightseeing Vehicle

Yingxiao Yu, Hongxin Zou, Jian Liu, Yan Sun, Jiading Zhou

Multiscale Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing with Ultra Low Surface Separation

Shaojin Shao, Yongbin Zhang, Long Chen, Xuedong Jiang

Turbocharging Effects on Emissions Reduction and Thermal Efficiency under Diesel/Natural Gas Dual-fueled Combustion

Sechul Oh, Junho Oh, Junghwan Kim, Sunyoup Lee, Changgi Kim, Seokhwan Lee, Jeongwoo Lee

Development of Crash Pad Using Overmolding Technology

Dong Kyou Park, Byung Seok Kong, Byung Chul Kim

Robust Pattern Recognition Based Fault Detection and Isolation Method for ABS Speed Sensor

Ayad Qays Abdulkareem, Abdulrahim Thiab Humod, Oday Ali Ahmed

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